Thursday, April 29, 2010

all the cool kids are doin it...

 Dj Lady Sha

Singer Trevor Wesley

 Jewelry designer Browne Andrews

So I was invited by the lovely Miss DJ Lady Sha to the Porter Novelli's launch party for the new McCafe Frappe.  Aka McDonald's version of the Starbucks Frappuccino. 

Now being that I had not seen the inside of a McDonald's in a really really...really long time (at least 8 years).. I was a bit skeptic as I threw on my high-waisted skinnies, my clogs and generously applied vast  amounts of red lipstick.  

As a mostly healthy, organic and at times vegan eater, I was at a tug of war with my three selves ( I'm a Gemini/Cancer cusp baby) about even walking through the entrance of this event.  Which was affectionately located in a big tent in a McDonald's parking lot in Echo Park.  Kinda Cute!

Never the less, I grabbed my camera and my clutch and headed out the door.  As I drove up and spotted the tent..I had a little talk with my sometimes snobby self and said just do it!

and I am so glad I did..

Can I tell you how GOOD the McDonald's McCafe Frappe thingy is.  IT IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!  So good in fact that in order to properly and truthfully blog about it I had to try both flavors...several times.....All in the name of research of course! 

I can't tell you how many calories are in this thing (probably don't want to know), or how much sugar you will be sucking up with every sip (definitely don't want to know)..but I can tell you that if you are out and about and you spot a McDonald's.. I recommend you taking a trip through that drive through at least once in your life to indulge in one.  You will not be disappointed!

McDonald's McCafe Frappe Caramel and Mocha .. I "LIKE"

Taye ;)

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get Your Greens..

 Orchid Affair

 K. Yuge Nursery

  Kobata Growers

So my day started off rather routine.  Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, shower, drink water, take vitamins, yada yada yada...Then by a twist of fate,  I was lured downtown by the prospect of cheap tailoring.  Five pieces taken in beautifully, $10 each..while you wait...but that's a whole different blog post.  Back to discussion at hand...

Now if you are anything like me and I suspect a good number of you are.  You get completely turned around while in the trenches of Downtown LA.  

You can only guess what I will say next..YES I was completely lost!!!  

However,  in my utter confusion (so close to pressing the SOS button in my car) I stumbled upon the Southern California Flower Mart.  A place that I honestly thought only existed in the minds of those people who write cute little romantic comedies about the gorgeous girl next door who can't find love, but owns a flowers shop. 

This was really it.  Far away from from movie land.  A huge warehouse filled with endless supplies of, plants, wax to shine your plants ..umm yes that stuff exists..and yes I bought some :). 

Being that I've never actually been a plant owner this was sort of kismet.  I'm the girl who grimaces at the thought of spending $100 bucks on a great big plant for my little Hollywood apartment.   I mean shouldn't I be putting that towards the cute wedged sandals that I scoped out at Barneys last week? 

Ahh at last, the dilemma hath been solved!

That big beautiful green plant that would have depleted $100 bucks from my shoe fund..a mere $35 at the Flower Mart..

And it doesn't stop there.  They have so many cute little green ones ranging from $1.50-$5 dollars.  You could fill up your entire window seal for the price of a latte at Urth Cafe.  Who knew??

Warning: get there early..I nabbed my plant by the skin of my teeth as they were closing the doors at 1pm

Suffice to say that I am now a proud plant owner.  "LIKE"

Taye ;)

Southern California Flower Mart
752 Maple Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca  90014

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unique LA....

what: Unique LA
when: April 23rd-24th
where: California Mart, Downtown La
why: cause its super cute and it's all local talent!!!

Here are some of the stand outs from the show..

Nous Savons

 Pop Candy

  The Burlesque Bakery

Ococoa Chocolates

 We Are All Creatures

Tiffany Kunz Design

  Salt Swimwear

 Dj Bryan Davidson

I "Like"

Taye ;)

Nous Savons:
Dj Bryan Davidson:
The Burlesque Bakery:
We Are All Creatures:
Tiffany Kunz design:

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

That smells........really good!

Candles and little odd gifts. 

I was stumbling out out Trader Joe's yesterday..Grocery bag in hand and buzzing from the free coffee samples they have daily (AMAZING!!) and I  looked to my right.

There it was.. DNA  an odd little store ..filled with a combo of cute and strange discount clothes, little books, jewelry and YES...CANDLES!!

I  "LIKE" candles.  Big Smelly Ones!!

So if you are in need of a cute, quick, not so pricey gift.. DNA!!

Happy Friday!!

Taye ;)

DNA Sunset
8000 W Sunset Blvd, #C110, 
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010
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