Saturday, May 29, 2010

real raw live..Franklin Ave..part deux

For those of you that don't  know me...Any place with the words REAL RAW and LIVE in the title is a place I want to be.  So when I walked into Real Raw Live on my Franklin Ave journey I was super ecstatic.  I might have even let out a slight yelp :).  

Let's start with the amazing energy you are greeted with when you walk through the door.  It's bright, it's big and it's green , which happens to be one of my favorite colors.   

Green is the color of life people!  

I loved everything about this big smoothie, raw, organic heaven.  First off you know you are in the right place when there are 10 people in line ahead of you and blenders a-blaring!!  Forgive me if I just completely destroyed that saying.  

They are also a health food store of sorts.  From wraps to wellness shots, salads to toothpaste, Kombucha to liquid herbs, this place is a mini one stop shop if you are in the market to get your insides right!  Which we all know makes the outsides really right!  

They also have something called the 5 Day Live Food Experience Cleanse.  Offered once  a month.  I will be back for that one.

So if you are in neighborhood or just in the mood for some really great raw organic treats..this place is definitely worth the effort.


Oh and......Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend everyone!  :)

Taye ;)

Real Raw Live
5913 Franklin Ave.
Hollywood, Ca 90028

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010


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