Monday, August 30, 2010

Beverly Hills Juice..

I was having one of those days!  

We've all had them.   It was a Monday and the previous weekend had lead me down the road to too much alcohol (which for me is two drinks), too much sugar (which for me is about 6 pieces of cake) and not enough sleep.  I was sincerely trying to get it together.  I'm the type of girl who will power through it darnit!  I put on a good outfit, guzzled 3 glasses of water,  took my trusty tablespoon of liquid multi vitamins and said to my self " can do this"!  

Two hours later my "Self" was not feeling so confident.  My body was toxic and I need serious help!

This is where the Beverly Hills Juice came in..

I was aimlessly driving up Beverly Blvd wrapped in my weekend fog and ready to throw in the towel on my completely unproductive day (mind you it was only 1pm), when there it was.  The little white store front with loads of people constantly in and out of its doors.  Now I had been there before during my days as a wardrobe stylist assistant.  But I never actually purchased a juice for myself..Strange I know!! 

I thought so my self again "Self..just give it a go".  I parked and with only one dime for my meter, I scurried through the doors and told Chuck (who has been working in the place since 1986) to give me anything he had that would cure me from my debaucheries of the weekend.  He disappeared to the back, which I now know is a refrigerated room full of the goods and came back with a Apple Lemon Triple ginger Juice.  He told me to sip it slowly.. and the rest is history.  With in 30 minutes my headache was gone, my stomach no longer felt like there were little creatures in there taking out there frustration on me and my energy level was back to normal.

Do I even need to say that the rest of my day was one big piece of clear minded productivity?

I returned the next day because I absolutely had to know more.

Beverly hills Juice was born in 1975 and in 1979 moved to the location that they occupy to this day.  It's a no frills, no gimmick, straight up natural organic juice bar.  The owner David Otto wakes up everyday earlier than any of us would like to imagine, heads downtown to buy organic fruit and cold presses every bottle on site fresh for that day.  Which means for those of you who are obsessed with freshness, you will never see the word pasteurized on the bottle.  That's right, when you drink you are getting every bit nutrients that were a part of the fruit.  Virtually unheard of today.

My favorites are Tangerine Coconut and Apple Lemon Triple ginger.   They have 30 something varieties of fruit and vegetable juice combinations and they make shakes too.  You can pretty much choose your juice and they will blend it into a smoothie.  Did I mention that the juices and shakes range from $3.50 to $7 bucks.   To top it all off they have a cute little bowl full of change for you to feed your meter just for people like me who never have any.  

Beverly Hills Juice is amazing but to ensure you walk away with some make sure to bring your own bag because they believe in saving a tree and cash or check because they don't take credit cards.

Beverly Hills Juice...I "LIKE"

Taye ;)

Beverly Hills Juice
8283 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Closet shopping..

Top Row: Stella McCartney, Charlotte Ronson, Dolce Vita, Jeffrey Campbell, Boutique 9, Jeffrey Campbell, Dolce Vita Bottom Row: Deena &  Ozzy, Rose Gold, Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edlman, Proenza Schouler, Report Signature, Stella McCartney, Prada, Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edlman, Dolce Vita

I've never been the type of girl to "pick out my clothes the night before".  

My pattern usually consists of hastily throwing on whatever comes to mind about 40 minutes before I have to be somewhere. In girl time that's like saying 30 seconds before I have to be out the door.  I've always marveled at the organization and fore thought of people who plan ahead.

That being said I recently I decided to give it a go!  Organization and fore thought that is..

I was in the process of "giving it a go", which very quickly turned into me standing in front of the giant square opening in my bedroom wall that is my closet,  staring at the ridiculous amounts of clothing and professing that "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR". 

Don't judge me..we've all been there!

After a bit of deep breathing and focusing exercises, I had most of my "picked out the night before" outfit in hand.  Which I strategically laid out.  My cute little cotton navy dress laid neatly on the bed. Vintage caramel leather belt rolled tightly beside it.  Black lace up studded flats on deck.  Perfect summer outfit. Casual yet sexy..but something was missing.  

I turned back to the closet with trepidation...Hmmmmm... Got it!!

All I needed was a perfectly worn in denim vest.  Shucks!!  I don't have a perfectly worn in denim vest.  So I sat..and thought..and stared..and thought..and paced..ate a cookie..bit a couple nails and after one more cookie it came to me.  I have four denim jackets. All sizes, all shapes, all perfectly worn in.  So I stood up, rummaged for a pair of scissors, grabbed the Earl jean jacket that has been part of my wardrobe for the last 10 years and proceeded to cut. I cut straight through the sleeves and Volia!..a perfectly worn in denim vest.

Thus began my quest.. If I could find that little perfection in my closet what else could be lurking in there?  I decided to start with my shoes.  This can be a serious process, so I opted to start small.  I searched through my closet and pulled out 18 of my present summer favorites new and old. Yes I have a whole freakin lot of shoes..I feel like you are judging me again :).  Now I'm no Imelda Marcos (for those of you who may remember that debacle) but 18 only hits the tip of the iceberg.  

Anyhow, I laid them all out. I studied them with conviction and planted all 18 pair firmly in my brain because I am definitely the type of girl who tends to find one item and wear it to death.  I needed to see the shoes.  They were no longer out of sight out of mind.  Now in sight and very present in my mind.

I say all this to say..SHOP IN YOUR CLOSET!!  We all have a closet crammed full of clothes.  New ones, old ones, that one item we have been holding on to for the last 10 years..Find the time..Explore. Fashion always evolves yet imminently stays the same. If you thought it was stylish then, chances are that with a little DIY (do it yourself) can be stylish now.

And if's always a great time to do a little purging of the wardrobe :)

Closet shopping... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

We can all be part of the Intelligentsia.. well sort of..

About three weeks ago I got a call from my beautiful friend Rigodis. 

A little back story.  We both grew up in the city of angels. Went to college together.   Have stomped the streets of New York together.  Took the Chinatown bus from New York to DC to watch Barack Obama become president together and although I only see her about 3 times a year she has remained one of my closest friends. 

Okay so that's the back story.  

Cut to three weeks ago. I get a text.  I know I said call earlier but as I write the actual details are getting less foggy.  Rigodis and her hubby are in town from Brooklyn with six month old Loli who might just be the most beautiful child on the planet and who happened to be in the womb the last time I saw her.  

The plan: Lunch on the Venice Boardwalk, rendezvous at a coffee shop before hand.  That coffee shop was Intelligentsia.

Damien (her hubby) bought me a single soy latte and that little rendezvous rekindled my love affair with Abbot Kinney and began my obsession with Intelligentsia!

I have since made the trek from Hollywood to Venice a dozen times.

So I won't really make this an Abbot Kinney series, although there is more to come.  I will simply blog as I see fit.  I must begin with Intelligentsia.  My single soy latte was a consummate combo of smooth and creamy.  It was in no need of sugar and all with flawless foam which all of us lactose intolerant folks know is not easy to do with soy milk. 

The place is beautiful.  The staff is super nice and the beach vibes are awesome...but go when you have a little time, because the line will be long but the coffee and everything else are all well worth the wait.

Intelligentsia.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Youth and Ambition.. Virgin Liberation

There are two things in life that we all at some point are going to wish we had more of.. the first being Youth and the second being Ambition.

...and Kelian Suaya, Jessie Alvarez and Kienan Tepper the designers and owners behind the new T-shirt line Virgin Liberation have just that!

Not only did the trio graduate from high school a little over a month ago, they have managed create a cool line of t-shirts and open a store front right on Robertson Blvd.

As I said Youth and Ambition!!

I don't know about you but when I was 18 I was spending what little money I had inside the stores... not owning one.

The shop is simple and straight forward, with T's featuring slogan's like "God Is A Hit Man" along side T's with a multiple young topless Kate Moss. I would say these young entrepreneurs are not a afraid of a little controversy nor a lot of hard work.

The average T-shirt is priced at $27 bucks.. hmm not bad.

I myself will be sporting the naked Kate ;)

Virgin Liberation.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

Virgin Liberation
352 N. Robertson
Los Angeles, Ca 90069

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Rivera..


It was a Friday evening.  Sun still shining.  I was photographing a bar in Downtown LA that had yet to open it's doors when guess who rung (is that a word?) ... as I was saying, guess who rung my iPhone 4.   Yippie!!!  

(For those who don't know I went from a first generation iPhone to an iPhone 4..I must say it has been life changing)

Anyhow...You guessed it, Courtney K on the line..slightly hungry and with a little over an  hour to spare before his trainer arrived to sweat him into shape.  Thus the only logical thing to do was ..Go to a bar! Hello!!

This is where Rivera comes in..

What a classy joint!

I walked in and immediately felt like I had been transported to the east coast.  I almost felt like I should have had a wool power coat on my shoulders and a briefcase at my side.. well not really but it was a cute visual.

Needless to say with a little over an hour to spare, we decided to sit at the bar, order a couple items and partake in a libation or two.

..And I am so glad we did.

Shall I start with the pretty little buttery tortilla's that the bar tender suggested..uhhh WOW.   Anything involving baked dough and butter.. I'm in!!  Not to mention that each pint sized tortilla has it's very own stamp ..totally edible art.

Alright after that intro let me get straight to the point!

Piquillio's Rellenos:
Translation, super good stuffed peppers..

Summer Smash:
Translation, vodka, lemon, basil and honey..if I am not mistaken I did an entire cleanse that consisted of me drinking most of these ingredients for like 7 days.. 

Translation, chipotle, jalapeno, ginger and this really cool piece of dried meat.   How could you not try that!

Suffice to say with the time restrictions placed on us by Courtney K's trainer we were not able to partake in the dinner portion of the evening, but I have to say if you are downtown and in the mood to sit at a cool bar... Rivera is a stupendous choice.. and yes I just used the word "stupendous"....

Rivera.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

1050 S. Flower St.
Los Angeles, Ca 90017

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the old fashioned way..

Modern Vintage...model Sita Young

Every so often...actually more often than not.. the lovely Sita and I get together for what is suppose be a normal day of girly fun stuff..and being that we are both artists it naturally turns in to a photo shoot..

This was not one of those days.  For once we actually had a go out into the world and shoot away, but like so many other times the plan changed.  Or better yet got slightly altered.  

Being that she is an artist and like so many of us she is working on 15 different projects at one time, I walked into her apt and found this. The scene was a strange yet calming mixture of vintage tech. Meaning vintage room, equipped with Mac book and a wire hanger from the cleaners.  I just had to shoot it!  She is going to kill me but these are the chances we must take.

Anyhow as I was editing I got to thinking..  (Shocker I know...)

Anyhow I was thinking about how we as the young generation (some of us a bit younger than others) communicate these days..

text.., IM, AIM etc...

It's all so impersonal.

A while back I asked someone I was dating to send me their address.  He was absolutely stunned.  I  wanted to write him a letter and for the life of him he could not comprehend that.  Needless to say I never got the address.  What was it about about my scribbled handwriting on a piece of paper that frightened him so much??

Like I said, it's all so impersonal.  I meet people on a daily basis and I am coming to realize that there is really no such thing as a first conversation anymore.

We meet.  We briefly talk, usually about very superficial things (as it should be within the first minutes of meeting someone) and then the "keyboard" relationship begins.  We exchange one of the five communication tools listed above and the next five conversations are all to be had with our keyboards.  You actually don't even hear the persons voice again unless a date commences.   

I don't know about you but for me that just makes the first date seem that much more awkward.  You have absolutely no sense of the person you are now sitting across from because not only do you not know their voice but through the "keyboard conversation" there has inevitably been some type of miss communication that neither party wants to admit to.

And believe me I am just as guilty as the next person...

Thus I have decided to start a little one woman "keyboard conversation" revolution.  As hard as this may be from here on out I refuse to facebook or google someone when I first meet them.  Okay I guess that's not quite a revolution... more like a one woman revolt, but it is a start.  I am going to actually find the time to pick up the phone and dial the number given to me rather than text a one sentence message, and if that person finds me to be be it!

What I am saying is that I am making a vow to be more personal..more human.. a little more vintage..

I'll let you all know how it turns out..

Alright!! here goes nothing...

A little more vintage... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Life Food Organic


Words that I have been hearing since I was a wee child.  Yes I was the little girl in grade school who would attempt to trade the "fruit leather" that my mom so lovingly packed in my transformers lunch pale for my best friends "fruit roll ups".  Or my Turkey, with spinach on egg bread for a Kraft singles cheese sandwich on wonder bread.  Why couldn't I have all the processed, sugary foods that all the other kids got to eat.  Why did all my food look so ...uggg healthy.. Why Why Why!!

Well what I didn't know then, I am thanking God for now.. we have come full circle.

Life food and organic are qualities that I now seek out pretty much on a regular basis.

Which brings me to a little place in Hollywood on Cahuenga Blvd.  It's full of raw, organic, tasty treats.

My two favorites..

The raw veggie sandwich.  Carrots, avocado, cucumber, tomato and your choice of either goat cheese or portobello mushroom.  All on sprouted bread and served with a pesto oil.  Fan-feakin-tastic!

The homemade chocolate Almond milk...need I say more?

Life Food Organic.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

1507 N. Cahuenga blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Neighborhood: Hollywood
(323) 466-0927

Photo's: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010
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