Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Friday...Pink makes me smile


Today's Look
Chiffon Button up: American Apparel
Fur Coat: Vintage
Earrings: Vintage Chanel
Rings: Club Monaco, Noir and Vintage bull ring.
Belt: Vintage
Necklace: Vintage also worn here
Bra: Story of Love
Wedge Heels: Dolce Vita
Pocket Book: H&M

I seem to be somewhat obsessed with the color pink or any version of the color pink lately.  I think I have had a tremendous urge to be super feminine..which does not always come easy for me.  So I think Pink is the perfect color to add a touch of feminine flair to your look..  It's also just such a happy color..

Have you ever looked that the color pink and had feeling of depression?  NOPE!!

The Button Up
I love this top... such great elements..Button up, sheer, soft and over sized so there are a number of ways to wear it.  I decided to tuck it behind my belt to give it a sort of draped feel.

The Jeans
I have had my Love Story jeans for about three years...and I LOVE them..they are so amazing that J brand actually still sells them..pretty rare in this ever fleeting fashion industry.

Okay so all that know me know that I am not a huge fan of real fur..however this coat has been in my family since before I was born.  My grandma gave it to me years ago..  In the past I have been very conflicted about wearing it..but then I had a little chat with myself...  This is how I see it: 

This fur was made in a time where fur was a very acceptable piece of clothing.  The poor little guy was killed for's vintage and there is nothing I can do about it. However call me a hypocrite, but I would NEVER EVER buy a new fur coat.  Although beautiful it is very disturbing the way many animals are killed for their fur..especially white fur.  So if you already have a fur..I say honor that animal by wearing it..but from this day forward buy Faux!!

Okay those were my deeper thoughts of the day :)

The Pocket Book
Now to the H&M Pocket Book, which is actually not even mine..My darling friend Lauren Preston let me borrow it one day to wear on a last minute dinner I was headed to from her house and some how it has never made it back to her...that was like 6 months ago...Sorry Lauren!!  But I love it and I do wear it from time to time...Guilt ridden the whole time of course ;)  If you love it H&M has very similar ones right now that are just as here to see

The Wall
This Shepard Fairy May Day wall is so beautiful...There were a couple of choices to shoot in front of but this one on Melrose was a winner by far..  To buy a May Day poster print go to

On another note:  My bestie Courtney K has decided to move to New he will be moving in with me tomorrow for a month before he leaves.  (Sniffles)...but during this month there will be definite fun times.. I'll keep you posted..  

The Oscars are this Sunday and we are going to have a get together at casa Stuff She Likes.  I'll let you know how it goes..we have big plans to bake these insane Pumpkin Cheesecake cupcakes (click here for recipe). I will be tweeting a play by play.. wish us luck!!  
Oh and feel free to twitter me (here) if you decide to bake them..would love to know how they turn out!

Well all ...Have a fantastic weekend where ever you are... 

Pink Fashion Fridays...I "Like"

Taye ;)

*The photo's of FASHION FRIDAY are a collaborative effort of Taye Hansberry and fellow photographer Jason Maddox.  To see more of his amazing  work click HERE

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I aint no punk.. maybe a Steampunk..

I was introduced to Cathy Barron and her Steampunk line through my make up artist and friend the lovely Jamie Blair and of course when I love something the way I fell in love Steampunk I always email Mr. Courtney K. pictures of the fabulousness...

It's actually a thing we do just about everyday with just about everything from cupcakes to sweaters to furniture to nails to shoes to..  okay you get the point!

Anyhow.. Court absolutely loved it I thought I would let him ask Cathy a few questions so we could all get to know her and her awesome line:  a sort of guest Stuff She Likes-er (yes I know I just made that word up)..I kinda like it ..hehe :)

Here's what inspector Courtney found out:

CK:  How long have you been creating Steampunk jewelry? 

CB: I started creating Steampunk and vintage inspired jewelry about a year and a half ago.  I started out playing around with the tiny gears and making intricate pieces and moved on to using the entire watch movements, too.  I opened up my Etsy store in February of 2010.

CK:  Who is a Steampunk shopper?  Describe the style of your Steampunk enthusiast. 

CB: Oooh, I love this question. A Steampunk shopper can be anyone.  It depends on the piece.  I see Steampunk designs that are made for a goth enthusiast or punk style. My designs aren't typically too dark or goth looking.  I appeal to a person who likes edgy, unique pieces with a vintage feel.  Although I have chunky pieces and large watch movements to work with, I often lean towards a delicate design.  To answer your question, a Steampunk shopper can be anyone who digs the beauty, intricacy, and craftsmanship of the yesteryear. 

CK:  I see that you have a full line ranging from earrings to cuff links.  What was the very first item created in the Steampunk collection? 

CB: The VERY first item created in the collection is something that I have held onto.  I created a ring with gears stacked on top of each other.

CK: Is your collection made by hand? If so, how long does it take on average to create a piece from start to finish? 

CB: Yes, I make every single piece.  As for how long each piece takes, it depends.  I have bins and drawers full of chains, watch parts, findings, charms, etc...sometimes I just sit at my workstation and stare at everything until items jump out at me.  Sometimes I try to force something to work, and it just doesn't feel right.  Once I have decided on the pieces to use and the design I'd like to go with, the actual workmanship itself can take up to a day or two to complete.

CK: How has the Steampunk movement influenced you as not only a designer but in your day to day life?   For example: Have you adopted the Steampunk aesthetic in your home decor, music or film? 

CB: As a designer, I have adopted a better appreciation for well made items.  It seems like so many things now are plastic and not much thought were put into the making of the items.  The workmanship of these beautiful watch pieces is outstanding.  Most have real rubies and real gold embedded in them with etchings or texture added to the face.  I feel that, in general, my taste has improved.  I'd prefer to see a Coca Cola sign that is vintage than a brand new one.  There is just such a huge difference in the way things were made 50 years ago.

CK:  If any, what other jewelry lines do you wear?  What is the "Stuff You Like"? 

CB: I wear jewelry from many different lines and designers.  There is a shop in Santa Monica called Accents where designers make their own pieces from hand and I have many of their necklaces and bracelets.  I like long necklaces with lots of chain. I'd say I'm a lace and chain kind of girl. I like edgy and different.  

CK: Do you custom jewelry for your customers?  

CB: YES!  I do accept custom orders.  I am working on a wedding set right now as a matter of fact.  I am making cuff links with tuxedo buttons for someone attending a wedding in July.

CK:  Besides online, where else can we find your jewelry?  Flea markets, trade shows, etc.?

CB:  Right now, I am only selling online or in person if you contact me.  In the future, I will definitely be setting up tables at events or markets.  I have a facebook page at and you can follow me on Twitter for updates

CK:  What is next for the Steampunk jewelry line? 

CB: I am learning to melt different kinds of metals and create my own jewelry bases- I will have a high end, luxurious Steampunk line within the year-some pieces even incorporating diamonds!  But for now, I just released a few of my rings from my Bee Ring collection.  The bird rings are some of my most popular selling items , hopefully the bee rings will be as popular!  Some of my pieces have also been seen on the red carpet- worn by Brea Grant from Heroes and H2 as well as  the beautiful host, Kristyn Burt. 

I am obsessing over the prospect of a high end line from Steampunk! 

Thanks Cathy!!  ....and Thanks Courtney K for that awesome interview...

Steampunk... I "Like"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Friday..a little late with a shameless plug


In lieu of a proper FASHION FRIDAY I thought I would post another shameless plug.

I am so excited to be the cover story of this  months Liberating Style Magazine..  Now a lot of you know them from the couple of times I have shamelessly plugged my own work with them.. well this time they asked little ole me to step in front of the camera.  And so I did..

Although slightly marred by rain, it was such a fun filled shoot.  I pretty much asked them to used all my friends for the shoot..even Mr Courtney K had a role in getting this thing done..  I love it!

...And I could not be happier..  hope you all enjoy what I had to say to them..

To read the actual article click here

Also for those who may not know..NBA All Star weekend has made its way to Los Angeles..  Lets just say the last time I went to an all star weekend I actually had a physical reaction of pure EWWWW,  and am pretty much scared for life.  However we here at Stuff She Likes are a positive only blog.. so that is all I will say about that.  I am slated to go a couple events that friends have invited me to but for the most part I will be in hiding :)  So see ya Monday!!

If you are in LA.. Stay Safe..

Being on the cover.. I "Like"

Wait am I suppose to say that out loud?

Taye ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"No Regrets" at Stephen Webster Beverly Hills

Last week I was invited  to meet designer Alexis Readinger of Preen Inc. at her small gathering to showcase the amazing work she has done at the " No Regrets" lounge in the Stephen Webster Jewelry store in Beverly Hills.  Confession:  Embarrassingly I had to google Stephen Webster...but the minute I did it was love at first site.  Hello unisex jewels to die for...can't wait to get my little hands on one of his amazing rings! 

Anyhow back to the matter at hand.  Once I was finished drooling over the bling downstairs...

....And when I say bling I mean BLING.. real BLING.. really big BLING (okay I think I have filled my bling quota for this post)...

....I went upstairs  to see the private room where champagne and beauty pervaded the air.  Yay!!  This place was an absolute dream for any photographer who loves lights and color.. SO FREAKIN COOL.  

...And did I mention that Alexis is like totally awesome!!!! 

Stephen Webster, Preen and the No Regrets Lounge... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Stephen Webster
"No Regrets" Lounge, Upstairs
202 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Monday, February 14, 2011


It's my favorite word...

because it is boundless.......


LOVE...I "Like"

Taye ;)

P.S.   Whether you are with the "one" you love,  the "friends" you adore or the the most important person in your life, "YOU" !!!  Be sure to do the STUFF YOU LIKE!!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Doggy Days....


Once a  month I am going to feature a doggy adoption in Los Angeles.  I grew up with the best little pups in the world and this is a Stuff She Likes effort to save a little one's life.

So this  first Doggy Days post features the amazing rescue efforts of couple Joanna Fiore and Micheal Valentine of La Dolce Vita Rescue.   Every other Sunday their adoption services will be held at  a great pet palace called the Healthy Spot in Santa Monica.  Next Sunday they will be at the Healthy Spot in Wes Hollywood. I paid a visit to these guys last Sunday.. and here this is what I saw....

Ashley Brooks of Animal Planets Pit Boss
Joanna Fiore and Micheal Valintine of La Dolce Vita Rescue

 A whole lotta love....

La Dolce Vita rescue specialized in Chihuahua's.. there are so many in LA that need a loving home!

Joanna and Micheal rescue these little guys from kill shelters in LA just before they are scheduled to be put down.  California has some of the highest kill rates in the country :( 

Joanna and Micheal are an amazing team that are trying to do something about that.

Every puppy you see here needs a home and there are lots more... Even Ashley Brooks from Animal Planets hit reality show Pit Boss payed a visit on her day off to show these little guys some love.   

...And even if you can't rescue a pup now... Just stop by the healthy spot on Sundays to play..  you will walk away with such a high from all the love.

LA Dolce Vita Rescue...I "Like"

Taye ;)

To contact La Dolce Vita Rescue:
call : 310.883.4400

The Healthy Spot

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Friday...All Heart Everything..


Today's Look
Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Vintage St. John
Nails: Chanel Coco Bronze, Nars Arabesque
Ring: Vintage
Boots: Celine
Silver Headband: Vintage
Sequence Purse: Vintage

Ahh it's Vday.. well almost V-day.

I wanted to do something special for this FASHION FRIDAY post in honor of The Day Of Love..

I had it all planned out.. But plans often go awry...  So I will say this..this post was scheduled to go out his morning..but....

Back to that later..

Quick chat about what I have on.. $19.95  H&M dress..purchased yesterday :)  For under $20 bucks bucks it does not get much better that that..And it's made from Organic Cotton!!  Perfect!

Okay a quick mention about the the strange yet delicious wire head band on my head.. in which Jason cringed at when he saw me..  I snagged it from Grandma's closet..  Apparently back in the 80's these thing's were all the rage. .  I say somebody bring them back!!  Hint hint to all the designers out there.

Alright... back to the reason this post is so late..pictured below is a message I received from Coutney K last night after several days of planning for the Barneys Warehouse sale.. (Just know that I am notorious for forgetting about most of the plans I make)  It actually sent me into hysterics (the laughing kind) I had to share it with you..

Needless to say..I was at the Barneys Warehouse sale at 9 am this morning!! (Blog post about that next week)..

So if you are celebrating your Day Of Love this weekend..enjoy!!

All heart everything....I "Like"

Taye  ;)

*The photo's of FASHION FRIDAY are a collaborative effort of Taye Hansberry and fellow photographer Jason Maddox.  To see more of his amazing  work click HERE

Thursday, February 10, 2011

V-day 2fer...where to take her..what to get them


I am so excited to write this post because I've had some amazing food over the past week and I have been itching to share it with you.  This is the official Stuff She Likes 2011 let's get prepared for Valentines Day post. 

It's A V-day two fer.. Two Restaurants ....Two Bakeries

So I am not going to say much.. I will let the amazingness in the photo's do most of the talking.

Lets Begin!!

What: The Saint Amour
Where: Culver City
Cuisine: Authentic French
Who: Husband and wife team Florence and Bruno Herve-Commereuc

The Saint Amour, Culver City

This is the perfect little place for romance.  I said I would let the photo's speak so this is what I will say:

I had the pleasure of tasting 7 items of the 37 item menu and those 7 items completely convinced me that there is not a bad dish in the house! 

A little run down of what I had (pictured above):
Bread and butter: speaks for itself
Endives Salad: with candied walnuts and champagne vinaigrette
Merguez: Moroccan lamb sausage, couscous and baby carrot salad
Soupe a l'Oignon Gratinee: translation..AMAZING!
table setting: just reminded me of France so I had to include it.
Duck Confit: Duck leg, Brussels sprouts, Kumquats
Boeuf Bourguignon: Red wine braised beef cheeks, carrots,gnocchi

I also had a Profiterolles au Chocolate (not Pictured).. soooo good

Phew.. I know that was a "whole lotta" French talk..and so very good....

V-day prefixed menu is three courses for $45 a person (does not include drinks) or they have the entire menu a la carte.

For reservations call 310.842.8155
Saint Amour
9725 Culver Blvd
Culver City, Ca 90232


What: Xino
Where:  Santa Monica Place Mall
Cuisine: Chinese
Who: Family owned and operated

Xino, Santa Monica Place Mall

If you follow me on twitter you might remember that last week I was having an insane craving for Chinese.  Which I ordered for delivery it was good for what it was...  And then the universe introduced me to Xino

Modern family style Chinese.  Astounding flavors and a great environment.

A run down of what I had:
Sweet and Sour Kumquat Chicken: Light and flavorful.
Curry Spiced Seafood Fried Rice: with Crab, Shrimp, Sea Bass, and are you ready,  Candied toasted pine nuts...OMG!!!!!!
Dim Sum Trio:Har Gow,Chicken Siu Mai & Seafood Spinach
Lava Cake with white chocolate center.
I also had a Fresh live Lobster: Wok tossed with Garlic Butter, Chardonnay and garlic noodles. (not pictured but delicious)

They also have an extensive drink menu..

V-day prefixed menu for $75 per couple.  that $75 for two people to eat..pretty awesome.

For reservations call: 310.755.6220
395 Santa Monica Place, Suite 308
Santa Monica, Ca  90401

Now to the sweets portion of our program:
I decided to see what two sweets houses that I adore in LA are doing for V-day and this is what I found:  

What: Simple Things Sandwich and Pie shop
Where: West 3rd Street
Who: Andy and Ryan.  Two friends who decided to start a pie shop

Simple Things Sandwich and Pie Shop, West 3rd Street

If you are in the mood for V-day Pie..this is the place and they made special one's just for the day of love.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie: Just plain old Good

Strawberry Chocolate Pie:  Okay I have to be honest..don't know if you all know this but I don't like fruit in its original form..I know.. I'm a weirdo I can't honestly tell you how this one tastes.. but judging from everything else I have had at  Simple Things it's probably really really really good!! So I'm suggesting it off GP (General Priciple)

Champagne Pie: Okay from what I understand it's a combo of Presecco and pastry cream..  All I know is that I plowed through it in less than two minutes..and it was not a mini pie..who am I??  So tasty!

They also have a box of 9 mini pies for $22.50.. 

Simple Things Sandwich and Pie Shop
8310 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

and last but never least

What: Magnolia Bakery
Where: West 3rd Street
Who: Transplanted from West Village in NYC. That's all I really need to know ;)

Magnolia Bakery, West Third Street

Another favorite revisited..  Magnolia's Cookie and Cupcake offerings are out of this world.  

The Love Specials are:

Meringue Kisses with Pink Butter cream:  These little delicacies are shockingly fantastic.  Like super great..Like I ate way too many of them!  They look so deceiving.

Short Bread Cookies: Chocolate Dipped or Pink with White Glitter (you know I love all things that Glitter)

Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes with love notes: Dark Chocolate Rocks my world in every which way!  It could be drizzled on sushi and I would love it!  (Hmmm...there's and idea!)

Red Velvet heart shaped Whoopie Cookies

They have a few other items not pictured like Chocolate Dipped Meringue Kisses, and Classic Cupcakes with Vday Cupids.  Super cute!

Take your pick they are all yummy..and might I add that the coffee at Magnolia is really really good..  Just sayin!

Magnolia Bakery
8389 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

A little list of other spots I love in LA that are perfect for Valentines day:
Sweets for the Soul.   Glendale: Click here
Little Doms.  Los Feliz: Click here
Cube.  La Brea & Melrose: Click here
Pace.   Laurel Canyon: Click here
The Penthouse. Santa Monica: Click here

V-day Offerings...I  "Like"

Taye ;)

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