Thursday, February 10, 2011

V-day 2fer...where to take her..what to get them


I am so excited to write this post because I've had some amazing food over the past week and I have been itching to share it with you.  This is the official Stuff She Likes 2011 let's get prepared for Valentines Day post. 

It's A V-day two fer.. Two Restaurants ....Two Bakeries

So I am not going to say much.. I will let the amazingness in the photo's do most of the talking.

Lets Begin!!

What: The Saint Amour
Where: Culver City
Cuisine: Authentic French
Who: Husband and wife team Florence and Bruno Herve-Commereuc

The Saint Amour, Culver City

This is the perfect little place for romance.  I said I would let the photo's speak so this is what I will say:

I had the pleasure of tasting 7 items of the 37 item menu and those 7 items completely convinced me that there is not a bad dish in the house! 

A little run down of what I had (pictured above):
Bread and butter: speaks for itself
Endives Salad: with candied walnuts and champagne vinaigrette
Merguez: Moroccan lamb sausage, couscous and baby carrot salad
Soupe a l'Oignon Gratinee: translation..AMAZING!
table setting: just reminded me of France so I had to include it.
Duck Confit: Duck leg, Brussels sprouts, Kumquats
Boeuf Bourguignon: Red wine braised beef cheeks, carrots,gnocchi

I also had a Profiterolles au Chocolate (not Pictured).. soooo good

Phew.. I know that was a "whole lotta" French talk..and so very good....

V-day prefixed menu is three courses for $45 a person (does not include drinks) or they have the entire menu a la carte.

For reservations call 310.842.8155
Saint Amour
9725 Culver Blvd
Culver City, Ca 90232


What: Xino
Where:  Santa Monica Place Mall
Cuisine: Chinese
Who: Family owned and operated

Xino, Santa Monica Place Mall

If you follow me on twitter you might remember that last week I was having an insane craving for Chinese.  Which I ordered for delivery it was good for what it was...  And then the universe introduced me to Xino

Modern family style Chinese.  Astounding flavors and a great environment.

A run down of what I had:
Sweet and Sour Kumquat Chicken: Light and flavorful.
Curry Spiced Seafood Fried Rice: with Crab, Shrimp, Sea Bass, and are you ready,  Candied toasted pine nuts...OMG!!!!!!
Dim Sum Trio:Har Gow,Chicken Siu Mai & Seafood Spinach
Lava Cake with white chocolate center.
I also had a Fresh live Lobster: Wok tossed with Garlic Butter, Chardonnay and garlic noodles. (not pictured but delicious)

They also have an extensive drink menu..

V-day prefixed menu for $75 per couple.  that $75 for two people to eat..pretty awesome.

For reservations call: 310.755.6220
395 Santa Monica Place, Suite 308
Santa Monica, Ca  90401

Now to the sweets portion of our program:
I decided to see what two sweets houses that I adore in LA are doing for V-day and this is what I found:  

What: Simple Things Sandwich and Pie shop
Where: West 3rd Street
Who: Andy and Ryan.  Two friends who decided to start a pie shop

Simple Things Sandwich and Pie Shop, West 3rd Street

If you are in the mood for V-day Pie..this is the place and they made special one's just for the day of love.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie: Just plain old Good

Strawberry Chocolate Pie:  Okay I have to be honest..don't know if you all know this but I don't like fruit in its original form..I know.. I'm a weirdo I can't honestly tell you how this one tastes.. but judging from everything else I have had at  Simple Things it's probably really really really good!! So I'm suggesting it off GP (General Priciple)

Champagne Pie: Okay from what I understand it's a combo of Presecco and pastry cream..  All I know is that I plowed through it in less than two minutes..and it was not a mini pie..who am I??  So tasty!

They also have a box of 9 mini pies for $22.50.. 

Simple Things Sandwich and Pie Shop
8310 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

and last but never least

What: Magnolia Bakery
Where: West 3rd Street
Who: Transplanted from West Village in NYC. That's all I really need to know ;)

Magnolia Bakery, West Third Street

Another favorite revisited..  Magnolia's Cookie and Cupcake offerings are out of this world.  

The Love Specials are:

Meringue Kisses with Pink Butter cream:  These little delicacies are shockingly fantastic.  Like super great..Like I ate way too many of them!  They look so deceiving.

Short Bread Cookies: Chocolate Dipped or Pink with White Glitter (you know I love all things that Glitter)

Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes with love notes: Dark Chocolate Rocks my world in every which way!  It could be drizzled on sushi and I would love it!  (Hmmm...there's and idea!)

Red Velvet heart shaped Whoopie Cookies

They have a few other items not pictured like Chocolate Dipped Meringue Kisses, and Classic Cupcakes with Vday Cupids.  Super cute!

Take your pick they are all yummy..and might I add that the coffee at Magnolia is really really good..  Just sayin!

Magnolia Bakery
8389 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

A little list of other spots I love in LA that are perfect for Valentines day:
Sweets for the Soul.   Glendale: Click here
Little Doms.  Los Feliz: Click here
Cube.  La Brea & Melrose: Click here
Pace.   Laurel Canyon: Click here
The Penthouse. Santa Monica: Click here

V-day Offerings...I  "Like"

Taye ;)


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