Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Friday..Simple & Stylish w/a POP of color


You may have noticed that I  have not posted all week.. with good reason..
Two years ago  I was in  car accident that resulted in a labral tear in my hip.  It's one of those things that is really hard to diagnose and the pain is a bit hard to explain. So Wednesday afternoon after months of running scared and figuring out how I would deal with the recovery work wise I finally had hip surgery.  So yes as I write this I am a bit loopy and I will be for the next couple weeks due to some pretty intense pain killers that I am currently being really bratty about taking.  Ugg I hate the way they make me feel... So bare with me.. I will still be posting.. and keeping you guys up to date as much as I can ...I just can't be held totally responsible for what I may say....

Alrighy!!  On to FASHION FRIDAY.....

Today's Look
Top: Seven for all Mankind
Skirt: H&M
Pumps: Stella McCartney (worn before here)
Broach: Chanel
Rings:Erica Annenberg from Gilt Group
Bracelets: Noir, Kenneth Jay Lane
Sun Glasses: Von Zipper
Earrings: FairFax Flea market (worn before here)

This FASHION FRIDAY was shot a couple weeks ago with no intent on it being a FASHION FRIDAY until about half way through the shoot.  It was a last minute throw together that I think worked out pretty well.  Very simple and to the point.  

As you guys know from my other posts I often don't really follow the notion that less is more.. as least when it comes to the jewels..  

So this outfit was a definite departure from my usual over jeweled..poppy made up self...and I love it. 

I've had this top about 5 years and have worn it about 5 times..if that.  It just never seemed to mesh with anything until I introduced it to this skirt.  Halter tops are not always a good look for me.  You have to find the right fit or it screams "I'm trying to look like a teenager"  That's how I feel at least..but I have been known to change my mind when faced with a garment that catches my eye.

The skirt..good old faithful H&M..The pop of red gives this simple outfit a little extra something.

The Pumps.. Stella can't do much wrong!  She managed to make studs simple, stylish and timeless..

The Chanel broach..given to me by grandma years ago.. I wear it in so many different ways..  Love it!

Simple and Stylish..with a pop of color ..I "Like"

Have a great weekend everyone!

Taye ;)

*The photo's of FASHION FRIDAY are a collaborative effort of Taye Hansberry and fellow photographer Jason Maddox.  To see more of his amazing  work click HERE


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