Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boho Re-Opens Today!!!

Food (top to bottom): Nicoise Salad, Hummus, Tri-Tip Chile, Bianca Verde Pizza, Fresh Scottish Salmon, Chicken Biscuit

Boho (re-opens) Today!!!

The New Hollywood and Highland location for restaurateur Adolfo Suaya's Boho opens today!  I was super excited when I was invited to try out what ever I wanted on the menu pre-opening.. and that is just what I did...I generally never pass up an opportunity at good food.  So I grabbed Michelle..That's Miss Michelle Papillion of the Papillion Institute of Art and we made an afternoon of it.  

I think in this case the photo's sort of speak for themselves.. we literally had to roll ourselves out of that place.. the food was so good.

So I thought I would ask Adolfo a few questions via text.. a sort of text interview if you will:

Here's what happened:

Taye: Good Morning Adolfo..(Sorry for the 7am text)  Couple questions?  Do you have a minute?
Adolfo: Of Course!
Taye: Boho opens today to the public for business?
Adolfo: Yes.  We open today.   Lunch and dinner 7 days a week.
Taye: What do you call the cuisine?
Adolfo: It's a Gastropub with, wood fire pizza's, Belgian fries, burgers, main courses and 24 Crafted beers on draft.
Taye: Did Kris Keith Design this one?
Adolfo: Yes he designed this one too.
Taye: Being that there was no dessert menu yet when I was there :( will there be desserts?
Adolfo: Yes!!!  We have amazing desserts.

SO there,  you have the plain facts.. Now let me tell you what I think...

Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!!!!  The menu is short and sweet.  In a nutshell...there is something for everyone.  The fries are just the way I like them...Crispy and the Tri Tip Chile just might be the best Chile I have ever had! Seriously!!

There is nothing over $14 bucks on the menu.. hooray for cheap and cheerful..

and know for sure that I will be back for dessert!!

Boho at Hollywood and Highland...I "Like"..

Taye ;)

Hollywood and Highland 4th floor


  1. Ok, wish I was there to enjoy. It does look so yummy. Excellent photos!

    Btw, I luv the content of your blog. Very cool. Following via bloglovin now!

    ...shop, shop, shop!

  2. @ladyinlycra...thanks so much!!! :D


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