Monday, May 9, 2011

Michael's Market Meet Ups

Me and Michael's Meet Up was a few months in the making..  The first time I was scheduled to attend California decided to unleash a rain storm that pretty much left everyone staring out our windows with our jaws on the floor.  The second time was just after my surgery and I was confined to my bed.  The third time I was confined to crutches..  Needless to say I was super anxious to get there this last time.

Let me tell you a little bit about Michael's..   Opened 32 years ago in Santa Monica.. by Micheal McCarty it's pretty much been a staple by the shore since.  My mom bragged how she had taken me there when I was little.  Just three years after opening Micheal help start the Santa Monica Farmers Market. 

Here a little run down of what happens at the meet up:
Starts at 8:30..guest arrive to lattes and fresh baked cinnamon buns..  after an in formal meet and greet.. the group (which varies from 8-18 people) walk down to the farmers market where Micheal gives you the low down on shopping the's to pick certain veggies and whats in season when.  Guests shop along side the Micheal's Chef who is picking the ingredients for the lunch to follow.

Last we get to the ingredient of the day..which for us was Asparagus.  Along the way Micheal shares cooking tips like "using the tops of certain veggies as the greens with a protein.  Phew..I never really quite knew what to do with the leaves on top of the beets.

After learning all about it we say good bye to the market and walk back to Michael's..which by the way is only about 2 blocks away.
This is where the real fun begins.  We eat!

The table is set beautifully in the garden dining area of the restaurant.   The two course lunch includes wine parings for each course.. yes it's 10 am and we are partaking in wine,  accompanied by flat or sparking bottles water and warm bread and butter.  Did I mention that they continually pour wine the entire lunch.  Micheal sits head of the table, shares stories of his travels and explains the intricacies of the dishes as they are brought out.

What a fantastic way to spend a Wednesday morning!!..

All this cost $60 bucks..Oh I almost forgot that you also get a pretty thick cookbook signed on the spot by Micheal... Not bad at all.

Go in a group with your friends.  Go as a couple..or just venture there by yourself.

Like I said..It's a great way to spend a Wednesday morning.

If you are interested the next Michael's Meet up is this Wednesday the May 11th.  
They are calling it "All Things Spring".   It's a mash up of spring seasonal ingredients!!

RSVP 310 451-8043  or just go that morning
Where: 1147 Third Street, Santa Monica, Ca  90403
Time: 8:30-11:30
www. for parking and other info

Micheal Market Meet Ups...I "Like"

Taye ;)

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