Wednesday, August 31, 2011


They came ..they came..  Is it crazy to be over the moon about a magazine and a pair of shoes that have finally arrived?  HEC NO!!  Whoo hoo!!  Jumping for joy.. heels clicking yellow brick road style..

Okay calm down Taye!! 


I ordered LOVE Magazine way back in Feb when the impeccable Kate Moss was on the cover.. and I waited..and waited..and waited..only to get a letter saying that the issue was sold out...and that the Autumn/Winter issue would arrive asap.. Frown!

It was almost as bad as one of those green letters you get in the email as an actor saying that you have been cut from the commercial..  All the actors out there know what I'm talking about.
Then to find out that The Jeffery Campbell EL Carmens were also sold out was just another blow.. 

Cut to:

6 months later..whoo hoo..  I have them both in my hands...  Totally worth the wait..

Hailee Steinfeld on the cover looks absolutely beautiful.. and My JC's..well  Psychedelic City. I have already worn them twice.. Super comfy and they make anyone look like an amazonian super model!  I'm at least 6 feet in these things..

The JC's I got on Sole Struck.. Click here

Lesson of the day.. patience people..patience :)

JC + LOVE MAG..  I "Like"

Taye ;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

it's hot as hec out there..✩

It's freaking hot out there.. So for these last days of summer I thought I would share one of my favorite go to spots for Gelato on the planet.   Hello PAZZO Gelato...
Located in Silverlake (with a fairly new location in Echo Park)  this little Gelato palace is pretty much perfection for the pallet.. 

They have hundreds of favors that are on a daily rotation..  

Red velvet cake..a personal favorite.. Marscapone..Amaretto infused with Disarrno..Cinnamon..Salty (also available as salty chocolate pretzel)..Dulce de Leche..Midnight Espresso..Ginger..Guinness extra stout...etc

and the Sorbetto..

Limoncello..Chocolate..Apricot (available with ginger)..French Melon  etc.....

They got cones for your Gelato

 They got cakes for your Gelato

They got cookies..

While there I ran into the beautiful Grasie Mercedes, she's got an awesome blog ...that would be her hand gripping that cookie :)

Seriously people...take a break from whatever you are doing grab a friend and go get some heaven in a cup...

BTW..If there is a combo you are dying to them..they are so awesome over there that it just might show up in the cooler :)  

Stay cool out there...

Pazzo Gelato .... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Pazzo Gelato Silverlake
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Pazzo Gelato Echo Park
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Monday, August 29, 2011

Polaroid Hotel..

Thursday night after a long day of working.. I threw on an LF dress, my Loeffler Randall's, a little Ruby Woo lipstick.. tossed my hair up and headed out the door to meet my girls for an event I was super excited to get an invite to.  

The Room Editions solo exhibition by Patrick Hoelck..  Just keep scrolling and you will understand why!

Before we begin..

a little side note:  The windows at Stephen Webster are always a delicious work of art.. wardrobe stylist and costume designer Robert Behar dressed these.  He's worked with everyone from Janet Jackson to Drew Barrymore.

I want to walk down some type of windy corridor in this dress..seriously..

I heart Patrick Hoelck's  work..

The very first photo in this post is my favorite..  absolutely beautiful in such a dark, raw and simple way... I WANT IT!

The stylish peeps...

Polaroids + Stylish humans.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

P.S.  I did not get a change to watch the VMA's last night.. heard it was awesome... I recorded it.. I may post a Stuff She Likes who I "Like"...

Friday, August 26, 2011

FASHION FRIDAY ✩ The Summer Series..The not so Maxi, Maxi..


  Today's Look
Maxi Skirt: Alice + Olivia
Tank: American Apparel
Hat: H&M
Wedges: Micheal Kors
Bra: Cosabella
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Belt: Vintage
Sunnies: Raen
Yellow Bracelets: Neiman Marcus
DYI Necklace: Alexander McQueen
Watch: Micheal Kors

This FASHION FRIDAY ensemble was my belated birthday lunch throw together.   But I just adore the way it all came together..

The Alice and Olivia Skirt:
I was over the freaking moon when I picked this one up.  Its a not so maxi maxi.. reminds me of the 90's..I swear my mom had a skirt just like this that I use to borrow..  It's textured, it's just long enough, its jagged on the bottom and it's super duper comfy!  

The  American Apparel Tank:  
This is my go to tank.  I also have one in an off whiteish yellowish creamish color..sounds garish I know...but trust me it its quite lovely. You'd be surprised how that  sort of non color color goes with everything.

The Micheal Kors Wedges:
Their ability to make me look like I'm 6 feet tall coupled with their comfort has kind of made them the leader in my everyday get ups.  Gold breaded leather.. you can't really go wrong.

The Square Bracelets:
Every year for my birthday my Godmother gives my some type beautiful accessory.. This year it was Square yellow  bracelets.  They make my day!

The H&M hat:
We all know I just  can't get enough of H&M.. Although I have to say I have not set foot in and H&M for about two months.. I feel the fever coming on.  But I am sure you will all agree they have the best  cheap head gear.  This one topped out at a whopping 9 bucks!..  

This weekend should be interesting.. I am headed to  the wedding of someone I don't know..Not Wedding Crashers style...just a guest of a guest..I always find weddings more interesting when you don't know anything about the people taking the plunge.  I makes for a great day of imagination..

Have a great weekend all!

Cheap hats and not so maxi, maxi skirts...I "Like"

Taye ;)

P.S.  Starting to gear up for my very first New York Fashion Week..  Yay

More on today's FASHION FRIDAY Summer Series guest photog: Jason Gurvitz 

Jason Gurvitz
Most of Jason's work has focused on people in marginalized areas of the world and most recently at the Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia. He has also produced films in Spain, Colombia, and the US, through his production company Green Dog Films

You can view some of his photography work here:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fashion Spelling Bee..

All Photo's taken by Byron Atienza.
I had such a fun time attending the Fashion Spelling Bee at the Standard Hollywood last week.  I am so happy that I was not a part of the panel of contestants.. Whoa would that have been a disaster.. I didn't know half the answers and the other half I could not have spelled out ...  Oh well..

I got so wrapped up in the spelling bee that I for got to actually take photo's..  Thank god Byron Atienza was there.. He so graciously let me borrow his photo's for this post. Thanks Byron!!  

Panel of guests was pretty awesome.. here's a little breakdown... 

Style journalist Steffie Nelson.
Stylist owner/designer of Costume Department Shane Kaleka.
Designer and Beverly Hills native Jasmin Shokrian.
Decades2's Christos Garkinos.
Designer Gregory Parkinson.
LA Times' Max Padilla.
Model casting agent Natalie Joos.
and Rachel Zoe's former stylist Ashley Avignone.

Any how..  If you want a cute night out the next two are:

- Thursday September 1st: ART
- Thursday October 6th: MUSIC

Fashion Spelling Bee's....I "Like"
Taye ;)

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