Friday, September 30, 2011

FASHION FRIDAY ✩ Oldies but Goodies..

Today's Look
Jeans: JBrand
Tank: Danny Roberts for Forever 21
Vest: Earl Jeans
Booties: Dolce Vita, bought at Oak NY
Laptop case: Marc by Marc
Wallet: YSL
Sunnies: Oak New York
Watch: Nixon

I can't start this FASHION FRIDAY without talking about my new's the little things people.. I went in for a trim and came out three inches shorter with bangs.. 

Okay These are my trusty Clip ins..which just seem to flow so perfectly with the bangs .. thus I have been wearing them like they grew out of my head for a week now..  I think it's about time for a "Clip in" post ..they are super convenient and you can take them out at the end of the day.. short to long in an instant.. Yippie..

Danny Roberts.. one of my favorite artists.. His portraits are simple alive!!  full of color yet so simple and delicate.. This tank was part of his collabo with Forever 21 last year...Hopefully one day our paths will cross.. he inspires me immensely! Fingers Crossed!

This FASHION FRIDAY was super fun.. I always like shopping in my closet.. Mixing real oldies..This vest is at least 10 years old (used to be a jacket)  and these J Brands have definitely seen better days..but they fit like a glove and are higher waited.. so I will rock them until they are grey and shredding apart..Nothing a little Rit Dye can't handle :)

The Shoes & Sunnies:
My new goto's..My little trip to Oak NY got me the sunnies and the Dolce Vita's..the tiny heal is perfection. I feel tall yet relaxed..ADORE!

And As you might can see.. I Finally got a new I had to get the Marc by Marc bag for it.. By golly if you have to work why  not work in style.

Oldies but Goodies..with a little new new mixed in...I "Like"

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!

Taye ;)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little Mexican in Brooklyn..

 Cafe de la Esquina..  in Brooklyn..

So being that I am a Cafe Habana loyalist (I never had the chance to get there this trip..sad face) ..I actually never bothered to go to La Esquina..

..and then a day in Brooklyn came about. Hungover like I have never been before and starving.. My girl Rigodis and her little one Loli picked me up and the three of us took a little journey to Cafe De La Esquina.
I will say that I was having serious feelings of guilt...but believe you me..all that went away after my first bite..

Unbelievably cute ..and down to earth.. This little outdoor diner really hit home for me..

So if you are ever in Brooklyn......

BTW..the original La Esqiuna is in Manhattan.. If you can't make it to Brooklyn....

Cafe de la Esquina..  I "Like"

Taye ;) 
Cafe de la Esquina, Brooklyn
225 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY //718.393.5500//

La Esquina, Manhattan
114 Kenmare, New York, NY 10012
(between Kenmare & Lafayette)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breakfast in Brooklyn..

I thought it was about time for some NYC food posts.. 

Plus..I could hold this post no longer.. 

The last day of my trip...I finally ate breakfast.  Which pretty much had not occurred the entire time I was in NYC..okay maybe once..but I was there for two weeks people!

Anyhow.. My girl Lizzie suggested I check out Brooklyn Label..  

I adore great suggestions..


Not at all realizing that I was going to want to marry this little hub of pancakes and sausage...I neglected to bring the Nikon..which was sadly just barely holding on after an unfortunate incident.  No need to talk about it.  Thus, as we have seen many a time before here on Stuff She Likes..I was armed only with my iPhone..and the Hipstamatic app.

Let me interject here on your viewing experience..  Umm might be the best Hot Chocolate I have ever had.. (I know I know I say that all the time).  Mexican Hot cocco..spicy and yummy..  Oooh how I wish  I could send for it now..

 All and all super cute place in Greenpoint Brooklyn..which is a super cute area BTW..

If you are in the neighborhood..check it out!

Oh and they are open for dinner...  

Brooklyn Label... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Brooklyn Label
180 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Monday, September 26, 2011

The not so typical NYFW Street Style...

So I had so so so many photo's that I could have posted for this New York Fashion Week Street Style post..  
Awesome photo's of super fashionistas dressed to impress in their super designer duds and big expensive bags.  Oh the Prada sunnies, the Gevenchy bags, the Wang heels..the quote, unquote dictators of fashion in their everyday, dun up no doubt NYFW "I just rolled out bed and threw this on look" look...  And believe me when I say..they all looked damn good..

But if you are anything like me you have scoured the blogs and the's and the Refinery 29's and the Style Caster's and have pretty much seen it all.. so I did something very not typical of me..I edited. I wanted to pick out a few shots of the folks that really really made me say..hmm you look super cool..not because you are at fashion week..but just because..

So here they are.. some of my faves..most of the shots not taken at Lincoln Center..but taken in various places in the city during my daily journeys..

Enjoy ;)


Today is Monday... A whole new week to be a whole new you ;)

Not so typical NYFW Street Style... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion Friday ✩ School ties...

  Today's Look
Skirt: Dolce Vita
Denim top: The Gap
Booties: TopShop
Bag: Chanel
Sunnies: Oak, NY
Bracelet: Bought on the Street in Soho
Watch: Micheal Kors

School is back in.. but it's pretty safe to say that I have not seen the hallways of an institution in a while...   but this little wardrobe combo reminded me of my days at Catholic high school.  Okay maybe a bit more colorful...

This FASHION FRIDAY ensemble is a combo of new and old..I snagged the skirt at a Dolce Vita sample sale in NYC a couple years ago..  and it is my firm belief that everyone should own at least one denim button up.

Okay the glasses..

So here's the story..  I bought a great pair of sunnies from TopShop.. Super stoked..I raced to Lincoln center for a photographed in my new sunnies and then headed to a gifting suite where I proceeded to loose my new Sunnies..yes within hours of buying them..Ugh.. (who does that?)

So a couple days later Courtney K and I were on an all day shopping adventure..and we stopped in Oak.. where I picked up these little lovely numbers..  Yay!!  

If you don't know it..Oak has a great mixture of high and low clothes and accessories..  pretty much something for everyone..check out their website here

Girly Clothes... I "Like"

Taye ;)

More on today's FASHION FRIDAY  photog: Jason Gurvitz 

Jason Gurvitz
Most of Jason's work has focused on people in marginalized areas of the world and most recently at the Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia. He has also produced films in Spain, Colombia, and the US, through his production company Green Dog Films

You can view some of his photography work here:
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