Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat? Beauty ..For the Economically Challenged

All purchased at Rite Aid

I thought I would do a For the Economically Challenged Beauty post.

Picture this..

You completely run out of all your beauty products simultaneously and as much as you need them the thought of throwing down the cash to buy them all at one time is gut wrenching...

You still with me?

I recently ran into this very situation.. and this is what I did..

I took a little trip to Rite Aid. I was on the hunt.  I thought to myself: There has to be a product that I can use in the interim, to supplement my regimen.  Organic would be lovely.  I would settle for 98 % natural.

Tried and tested...

These are the products I Like!

Yes to Carrots Hydrating Shower Gel  7.99
Smells so very good.. And my skin feels delicious after I shower! Free of Petroleum which clogs pores and no Parabens, which are chemicals used as preservatives <-Yuck!  (Parabens? Read the Wilkipedia here)

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Balancing Facial Toner: 12.69
I have always had an a very rocky relationship with toners but I have to use them or my skin gets super clogged. Here's he issue: Most of the time the toner is either two drying or does nothing.  So far this Vitamin C toner is completely in the middle. My face has stayed unclogged but not dried out.  Besides the Vitamin C.. there is Arnica (which prevents bruising, Cucumber (soothing) and Pro Vitamin B (click here if you have no idea what the hec that is).  Best part.. it smells like an Orangina.

Yes to Cucumbers soothing hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes: 5.99
These facial towelettes are perfect for refreshing your face or removing makeup.  They're super soothing. I did find that they didn't remove my eye make up in one swoop..but I don't mind that because my face is not on fire after I use them. 

Organix Beauty Pure and Simple Coconut Milk Radiance Mask: 10.29
This Mask is fantastic. I lust after anything coconut .. It's soothing while the clay mask removes the dull dead skin and sucks the excess oil out of my pores.
In the Spirit of Halloween..These four products are definitely not trick but a lovely treat!

I'm still working out the eye and face creams..

Beauty for the Economically Challenged.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

Friday, October 28, 2011

FASHION FRIDAY ✩ A Cozy Sweater and 3 Day Old Curls

Today's Look
Sweater: Courtesy of Qi New York
Top: American Apparel
Pants: Mikkat Market
Shoes: Kelsi Dagger
Bag: Chanel
Bra: Victoria Secret
Nails: Nails Inc.
Sunnies: Elizabeth & James
So the weather in L.A. got just cold enough for about two seconds for me to throw on this sweater that I have been dying to wear.   I was super excited when a box from the awesome folks over at Qi New York arrived about a month ago.. Three amazing cashmere pieces that will surely see the lens of future FASHION FRIDAY's. 
For now.. say hello to this cozy over sized goodie.  Can't really go wrong with it!  

Mixing textures is such a yummy thing.  A chunky knit mixed with a super sheer light weight top sort of balance each other out being that in L.A. we never really get cold enough for full on winter ensembles. (That makes me both happy and sad)

The Qi Cashmere:
Super soft 100% cashmere wonderfulness.. this is sure to be a staple in the winter wardrobe.

The Kelsi Daggers:  
A size too big...who cares...  adore them!!  I have about three  Dr. Scholls stuffed into each shoe.. 
The Harems:
Last seen here .  I call them my cheap and cheer full pants.
 The American Apparel top:
It has a twin.. last seen here..  It's a standing theme here at Stuff She Likes.. Never be afraid to repeat!

The bracelet:  
Just a long necklace..last seen here: that I wrapped around my wrist.
The Nails:Right now my favorite polish..  Kind of a one coat wonder.
The Watch: 
Black and new fave 

According to the weather I will be pulling out the tanks and denim shorts for the next few days..

Hope you are that lucky wherever you are..

Have a great weekend..

Big Chunky knits that don't itch... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Photo's Jason Gurvitz

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indian Never Looked So Good ✩ Naya Sunset

Lemon Chili Scallops w/ Black Rice
Indian Fusion never looked this good..

Dusted Seared Tuna w/ Avocado Raita
Naya Sunset..

Totally remodeled by Kristofer Keith of Spacecraft genius..(eat at an amazing restaurant in this town and Kris has probably designed it)

I stepped into Naya and I felt like I had been transported to a modern mash up of 1960's pop culture and yogi mediation.  Flowing lace curtains, textured white and off white leather booths and a tiled bar make Naya's dining room super chic and cozy.. and the brick walled high-ceilinged (pretty sure that's a word?) lounge is the perfect place to hang with friends and grab a drink.  Which are quite delicious might I add..
Oh..and if you think you are going to hear traditional Indian sounds blaring through the place..think again. When the DJ is not spinning the speakers are pumping out pop hits and old school favorites..

Okay now that the logistics are out of the way.. Let talk food!
Spinach & Tofu, Kidney Beans & Nacho Cheese, Potato & Pea's and Feta & Arugula-Walnut Samoosa's
Besides the fact that the food at Naya is absolutely finger licking... (I had to go there) I was doubly energized (yes I said energize!) by it's presentation.. Every plate is a serious work of art.  

Shall I let the pictures do the taking?
Spinach Naan, Sauces: Pickeled Tomato, Mint & Tamarind
Sprout Street: Chick Peas, Potato, Tortilla Chips, Sprouts, Sweetened yogurt.
Yellow Lentil Stew
Filet Mignon Breakfast Curry w/ Garlic Mash Potato's
Coconut Moile Baby Eggplant w/ Naya Risotto
Apricot Patagonian Seabass w/ Apriocot Curry and Black rice
The exec Chef Ali Mookhi and I sat down and had a wonderful chat about food..and the beauty of it. Naya is not your corner store Indian ..The food is light and seasoned to perfection. Mr. Mookhi manages to keep a modern feel while staying true to the flavors for India.. 
Thus..Indian Fusion is born.

 Between the sea bass, the black rice, the seared tuna, the eggplant and the fillet mignon, I was in absolute heaven.  There is something for everyone on this vast menu.. vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters can all dine together in total bliss.

..And don't get me started on the desserts.. Chocolate Simoosa's..need I say more?

Dessert: Falooda
Dessert: Chilled Pear
Dessert: Chocolate Simoosa's
The Grand opening of Naya Sunset is this Wednesday November 2nd... Can't wait!

Indian Fusion ... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Naya Sunset
3705 West Sunset Blvd.
Silverlake, CA 90026
(323) 663-8268
Facebook: Naya Sunset

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The beauty of a dress..For the economically challenged

There's nothing like the beauty of a dress.

As of late I am completely obsessed with dresses.. But every time I set foot in  retail establishment the dresses I pick up are insanely out of my little budget.  Welcome to my tastes..

So I got to thinking.. I always see those ad's "fakes are never in fashion"..  But what's really considered a fake..or a knock off..? 

I look at these words simply as a way for those of us who don't have $500 bucks to drop on every dress we see.. to stay in fashion.. and feel good doing it. 

Now I am not saying go down to the Alley (or Canal Street if you are in NYC) and buy the first plastic Gucci bag you see..

What I am saying is improvise..  

Remember..the clothes are not wearing you .. You are wearing the clothes!

Lately half of my time has been consumed with sifting through both high end and price friendly retail websites. My life is not always that exciting people!  Anyhow..The more I do the more I notice that as many times as I may see a killer dress that I "just have to have" on the higher end sights..most times there is a similar just as pretty dress on the price friendly one.

Why should we suffer just because we are economically challenged!!

I have put together a couple examples from two of my favorite sites.. Net-a-Porter and Asos.. (including the one above)

In case you have not had your morning coffee..the Net-a-Porter dresses are the ones on the left.

I adore all the cheaper Asos dresses just as much as I adore the Net-a-Porter ones.

For those who have the means ..spend away..for the rest of us who don't always have a fat wallet..Asos, Forever 21, H&M and Nasty Gal can be your home away from home..

I plan on on doing a few more of these "For the Economically Challenged" posts.. Stay tuned!!

P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality.. but you got the point right..

Pretty Dresses at Bargain Prices.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap ✩ Americal Apparel to Stout & Everything Between.

Just a little weekend Recap...   

 Weddings...American Apparel Madness...Runway shows...A fat ass burger and some St. Germain's

Who doesn't adore looking back through the pic's from the weekend on a Monday morning..Come on you know you all do it!

American Apparel Flea market..

If you have not gone..get your little butts there..
Picture this.. early Saturday morning..I start off at Earth bar..I need a smoothie and some E3 Live for what's about to go down at the American Apparel factory in Downtown L.A.  Never shop on an empty stomach..It only leads to problem purchases.  Anyhow.  I pick up a MJP at her Gallery Papillion Institute of Art (notice the link) and we head on over.. 
We pull into the parking lot expecting total chaos.. Okay parking lot not bad. Two flights of stairs later and boom.. Pure Madness.. Inventory for days.. along with hoards of young Fashionista's pushing cart fulls of tops, jeans, hoodies, dresses, panties, tights. You name it they had it!

It's happening for the next 6 six days don't want to miss this.. I scored a pleated maxi skirt for 5 bucks!

Here's the addy:  
747 Warehouse St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Note: prepare to wait in a big ass line at the register.. MJP and I got lucky.. a security guard for some reason (maybe it was a combo of my denim shorts and MJP's hat) ushered us to the front if the line.  THANK GOODNESS..

A night at Stout..

Previously blogged here.  The very beautiful Zee and I decided after sitting at the bar of a very new restaurant which shall remain nameless..and getting the worst vibes ever... to take our little butts (little being a figure of speech here) over to Stout.  Two burgers, a glass of red wine, a salad, sweet potato fries and a chocolate chip bread pudding later.... we were in heaven..  We just missed the 5 dollar burger happy hour.. but Charlie the owner took great care of us!  Nothing like a great meal and fantastic service.. Thanks Charlie

The addy: 
1544 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 469-3801

Jamie's Wedding...

So the best make-up artists in town had a little wedding soiree this weekend..(remember this post..she made me look this way

How beautiful does she look! It was perfection..they got married a while back in New Jersey and decided to throw a party in L.A.  What a flipin great idea..she got to wear her wedding dress twice. 
I couldn't stop staring at her amazing head piece.. she made it!  I want one just to pin on my outfits Carrie Style!
I also indulged in a bit of this at the very open bar..Yum!
Dante the cute, very nice bartender from Philly was whipping up some pretty tasty drinks.

I just like the way my shoe looked next to her dress...random I know..

...And it all started here.. Wednesday night (who said the weekend has to start on Friday) and Nikia Phoenix (see her super awesome blog here)... At the Alternative Apparel show..

Note: Every time I took a pic with me in it that night I cut half my face off..sometimes you just gotta go with it..

I have to say.. It was a fun weekend..

Now off to a great week!

Weekend recaps...I "Like"

Taye ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

FASHION FRIDAY ✩ Last days of Cali Sunshine

Today's Look
Jeans: Siwy
Top: Mayle
Blazer: Theory
Bag: Gucci
Watch: Micheal Kors
Horseshoe ring: House of Harlow
Shoes: Micheal Kors
Sunnies: Oak NYC
Leather & Metal Bracelet: Street vendor in SoHo NYC

Here in L.A. the weather gods are still holding on to those last bits of summer.  I adore it!!!..I'm not ready to throw on the wool sweaters quite yet.

These jeans have been a summer staple.. Super relaxed because I bought them a little big.  

I've had this top for about 6 years.. The lace detailing is my favorite feature..
Mix with a great Blazer..yes I wear white way after Labor Day...some super high wedges..a big bag and Metal Jewelry..  Makes for simple yet stylish ensemble.

Have a great weekend everybody!!

Simple and Stylish ensembles...I "Like"

Taye ;)
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