Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Visit with Capretta...

I took a long anticipated journey to Downtown L.A. yesterday to have a little visit with Courtney Capretto at her Capretta showroom.  I absolutely adore Capretta.. and I absolutely adore Courtney. 

I arrived to find Wiz.. awesomely named after the rapper and not the Oz....Might be the cutest little thing on the planet..Chillin in her home away from home.. I am in love with people who bring their pups to the office..

Anyhow back to the subject at hand..

Little Back Story: 
I had the pleasure of wearing a Capretta dress to an event a while back and have not stopped thinking about the line since..

Yes I know that was a very little back story but you get the point!

So when Courtney invited me to the showroom I did not hesitate.. her dresses fit like a glove!!  A very soft, well structured glove that you never want to take off.  When I put them on I feel like a curvy 1990's super model straight from the pages of a Peter Lindbergh layout..

Okay that's my fantasy.. but the feeling is close.. Lord I keep getting side tracked...

FACT:  Capretta is doing leather this season!!  Ahhh I am in heaven.

FACT: Capretta is also doing Tee's and Trenches.. More heaven...Here is a little sneak peak of me wearing a trench.. it ain't your average stiff scratchy trench..  I'm already making room in the closet..

All and all I went home with an amazing cocktail/evening dress and a smokin hot jumper.. "Did you really need yet another Jumper Taye?"  "YES!"  (Little convo with myself..It happens).  

Trust that you will see both very soon on a FASHION FRIDAY..

Thanks Courtney!!  

Amazing sexy structured clothes and office pups named Wiz.. I "Like"

Taye ;)



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