Friday, December 30, 2011

FASHION FRIDAY ✩ A little retro and some new hair

 Today's Look
Jeans: J Brand
Turtleneck: Vintage DKNY
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Ring: Vintage
Necklace: Gypsoteca

Okay before we dive into this FASHION FRIDAY.. I must briefly talk about my new do..  Being more of a beachy wave not so done hair type girl .. I decided to do a flip and go for a real hair cut. Blunt and significantly shorter.   And I adore it..  Thank You Vidal Sassoon
 Okay now to the outfit..
The J Brands
Previously seen HERE   Why not take a summer item and bring it on over to winter?
The neck wear... If you have been following FASHION FRIDAY for the last month then you know I am obsessed with Maria Angela Perna.  This one is so vintage inspired
The JC Flats...Back story:
I have had these flats for years... But completely forgot that I had them.  I was vigorously searching the shelf of my closet for a completely different pair of shoes.. when these literally fell on my head (I keep all my shoes in their boxes)  I've been wearing them for three days straight.

I just had to face off with this bull..It only seemed right!

Have a great weekend everyone..

Falling shoes and new do's... I "Like"

Taye ;)


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