Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holistic Luxury ✩ Sphatika NYC

All Natural..All healing..All Amazing..

There is nothing like spending a few hard days in NYC.. in and out of cabs..up and down the subways..fighting the elements all while trying to remain completely stylish and fabulous..sometimes the city actually wins that battle..

and when it does... Sphatika comes to the rescue.. 

When I first heard the name Sphatika.. 

I instantly thought of an amazing all knowing unstoppable gorgeous feminine super hero..

This my friends is right up there with it..
Not only is this place amazingly relaxing amongst the hustle and bustle of the city life..But the treatments and the products are divine. 

Back Story:
Sphatika was born out of health related issues of owner Janet League-Katzin.....issues that traditional western techniques were just not helping. I sat down and had a one on one with Janet and we talked about the importance of nature, crystals, holistic healing and healing ones self.  Believe me when I say she looks great from the inside out.

BTW  Janet and Sphatika were the recipients of the 13th Annual Fashion Group International Rising Star Award in the "Beauty/Fragrance Entrepreneur" category.  That's pretty awesome if ask me. 

Alright back to the spa..

After a wonderful in depth tour by Janet herself ..I was lead to a peaceful warm room where I was treated to one of the most relaxing facials of my life.  My skin was glowing.. so much so that I was asked if I had put my makeup back on..  Now that's a compliment that I could take all day..

Some of the highlights of Sphatika are the far infrared saunas, the detoxifying steam canopy and the lymphatic drainage facial. 

Sphatika is holistic Luxury at it's best.. you will leave knowing that you have added some time on that clock ..both inside and out..

And on December 9th and 15th Sphatika is hosting a DYI Natural Beauty event..  I soooo wish I was on the east coast for that one.. If you happen to be in NYC here is all the info...

Holistic Luxury.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

1841 Broadway, Suite 811
New York, New York 10023

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