Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just because they are so F'ing pretty!! Pomellato

Window shopping..It's that age old past time when you don't have the funds to be a princess but you can always pretend..
and that's exactly what I did..

I had the chance to be a real live girl for a day..and bask in the beauty that is Pamellato..

Big pretty shiny sparkly colorful bobbles.. Every girls dream..or at least a good percentage of us.

  I saw.. I tried.. I photographed.. and I made three wishes..  Worth a try right!

Anyhow.. Awards season is sure to see plenty of these treasurers adorning the arms, necks and ears of some super taskmasters on the red carpet..

Don't you just want to eat these...
To inquire about any of the pieces you see contact MHA Media..
Pretty shiny bobbles.. I "Like"

Taye ;)



  1. loving your blog!
    didn't i see you wearing that first pair of earrings up there?? ;)

    see you again soon, please!

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