Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Six ✩ So Over the Hill...

Six Burger / brioche bun / tomato / blue cheese / onion rings / butter lettuce / thousand island 
Now being from L.A.  and I mean like from from L.A.  born and raised in the heart of the city..there has always been a little rivalry between us folks on opposite sides of the hill.  Does anybody remember the term "Valley Girl"?..

Anyhow.. I say all that to say that this is actually my very first post about a restaurant in the Valley..well Studio City to be exact. 

I got invited out to The Six...a super cute little restaurant nestled into a small "not quite shopping center".. "not quite shopping mall" area of studio city a couple weeks ago..  and I am so glad I went.

Not only is the food absolutely finger licking..the drinks are yum and the desserts...WHOA!!

In a nut shell..this is the menu..

6 starters...6 small plates..6 entrees and 6 sides
  ..hence the name The Six.... 

and here is just some of what I had...
Prince Edward Island Mussels / downtown brown / spinach / grilled bread
Vanilla Roasted Beets / water cress / burrata / hazelnuts
Mushroom Toast / herbed goat cheese / shallot / pine nut / port
Mesclun Greens / hazelnut / pear / balsamic vinaigrette
Woodfired Shrimp / romesco / wilted arugula
Steak Frites / grilled niman ranch hanger steak / hand cut fries / house made steak sauce
Turkey Sloppy Joe Sliders / portobello / red bell pepper / fried housemade pickle
These drinks were totally delish..but unfortunately I don't remember what they were.. (Slaps wrist) Bad Blogger!!

Banana Cream Pie w/ Oreo Cookie Crust
Little note:  I did not actually try the Banana Cream Pie because we all know I don't eat fruit..so I am taking the word of everyone else at the table that it was amazing...mostly taking the cue from their faces at they took a bite..That look was the look of pure ecstasy
Chai Creme Brulee
I am so looking forward to revisiting The Six.. and if you can't make it over the hill the original location is on Pico Blvd.

The Six..Over the Hill.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

The Six Restaurant
12650 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, Ca 91604

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