Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three Ways to Wear it Part 2 ✩ 5 days til Christmas

The Foundation: Zara Dress

The Look.. 
Cocktail Hour
The Components..
Zara Dress
Stella McCartney Satin heels
Forever 21 Sequence Beret here is a similar one
Vintage belt as necklace
Marc by Marc Cocktail ring
Chunky blingy bracelet

The Face..
Golden Shadow
Black Liner..thick cat line
One coat mascara
Golden Cheek
Candy Purple Gloss
 The Hair..
Flat ironed very straight
Add Clip in extensions for length

The Nails..

Here we are ..Part 2 of Three Ways to Wear it..  Phew I'm only on day two..I bow down those bloggers who outfit post everyday..

Anyhow..This little look of mine I call Cocktail Hour..Not to dressed..but just dressed enough to go from a cocktail hour to the main event.  Just enough sparkle to dazzle but not over whelm..
again.. any long black dress should do..but this Zara one is quite fab if you ask me..

Side note...
Oliver & Madison became restless and decided that they wanted to be part of the shoot..Why fight it..

Cocktail Hour... I "Like"
Taye ;)

Photo's Jason Gurvitz


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