Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glowy?... Aloe Gloe

So for the past month I have been indulging in a little drink called Aloe Gloe..  

Let me tell you a very short story..  

My Grandmother Mamie Hansberry has always made Aloe Vera juice a part of her diet..she is 87 and she looks 67..  has never had any significant health issues and does not take one prescription pill. 

Okay that was the sort story...

Anyhow I tell you this to say that I have attempted to drink Aloe Vera juice for years. I just can't seem to get it down and I have a HUGE tolerance for stuff that does not taste so great especially when it has serious health benefits.  In the past few year several other companies have come out with Aloe Vera juice that is flavored which helps he taste..but does not help the slime and the pulp..which for me is the worst part..

Okay one more short story.. 

When I was a little kid and would scrape my self or cut myself or fall off my bike or fall face first off a bench at school..all true stories.. my mom would cut a piece of her Aloe Vera plant slice it in two and rub the slimy in side on my wound.  I would never scar..  
Now if Aloe Vera does that to your skin..imagine what it does for your insides..

Cut to

No Pulp..No Slime.. and Just plain yummy!

Comes in tons of flavors.. I've had the White Grape and Regular Pulp Free..

 I am oh so super Glowy lately!!

Aloe Gloe.... I "Like"

Taye ;)


  1. Tried Aloe Gloe last week and truly thought that Aloe Gloe tastes really really bad:( Ya sure ya liked it?

    1. Personally I love it but I start everything with low expectations

  2. (I hope it's ok to express my opinions here:)

  3. Yes I LOVE it!! I've gone through two cases of it.. I drink one everyday.. Question..have you tasted other Aloe drinks or even plain Aloe juice..? Please go try those and then get back to me.. And Yes it is always okay to express your opinions here.. I do not expect everyone to agree on everything.. This is simply a forum to tell my readers what I "Like" :) Thanks for the comments..I welcome them!!

  4. I Love it! I did not know this existed until I saw it on the shelf at Costco. I used to choke down the aloe juice from the health food store, ugh This Rocks

  5. I liked the grape, it tasted like a very light grape juice to me. And I'll mixed it up with organic carrot juice, and/or some green juice too. For its benefits, it's easy enough to blend with other flavors and not even taste it at all.

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