Monday, January 16, 2012

The nudes and the blacks.. Golden Globes 2012

 Now I have to say that there were lots of great looks at the Golden Globes last night.  

Here's my take on them:

You know when you see a great dress at a shop and talk yourself into not getting it.. then you go home and can't sleep because you see it everywhere you look.. in the shower.. in the stack of papers on your desk.. in your plate of really amazing risotto.. in the dirty dish water.. in your sleep.. get the point yet?

..anyhow that what these 7 dresses did to me  all night.. I was pretty much haunted a great way.. so I share my haunting with you..  

For me it was all about the nudes and the blacks..
No explanation needed.. The dresses speak for themselves!!

Golden Globes 2012... I "Like"
Taye ;)


  1. Your choice is great for me its Emma Stone who dressed the best.

    Christina @ Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Suits

  2. The model has some decisions to make regarding being photographed nude because that's a lifelong commitment that isn't easily erased away like getting a small tattoo.Chicago escorts


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