Monday, January 2, 2012

Revita WOW

Now that Christmas is over  ... and you have all those returns and gift cards at your disposal.. why not put them to use towards a

Spring goal.. 
Longer lashes and thicker brows..

This is a post that has been about three months in the making..  as you may or may not realize here on STUFF SHE LIKES ..I do not post about any thing that I have not tried out on myself first..

I was gifted two very precious tubes if Revita products during New York Fashion week this past September.  I have to admit I was a skeptic.  I have super baby fine thin practically see through eyebrows that since I was old enough to wear make up have not left the house with out being filled in.. I mean not even to the gym.

So when the lovely rep at RevitaBrow and Revitalash told me that in 12 weeks I would see thicker fuller eyebrows and lashes I was like.."Yeah we will see"

 About 10 weeks later I am eating my words.

Seriously one day I looked in the mirror and was like whoa!!  I have eyebrows.  I have not filled them in since.  

..and my lashes.. super long and kinda furry like..  which is a good thing people ..

I say all this to say.. if you start now.. by spring you will be jumping for long lashes and thick eyebrowed joy.

It's well worth it!

Grab it here

Revata Everything... I "Like"

Taye ;)

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