Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday ✩ Lady Liberty + Uh Oh there's Video...

Today's Look
Tank: Forever 21
Shorts: Virgo Downtown L.A.
Blazer: Elizabeth & James
Wedges: Alexander Wang
Necklace: Gypsoteca
Cuff & Ring: Forever 21
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
 This is a very special FASHION FRIDAY because it is the first time that a video will be posted to go with.. Yay!!
Now bare with me..I am still trying to find my way through this whole moving pictures of Taye on the blog thing... But we will get to that portion of this post a little later..

For Now..

What the hec I am wearing...

Special moment number two.. 

Oooh this post is just filled with special moments.. Anyhow... I have been combing the streets of New York.. San Fran and Los Angeles for a couple of years looking for the perfect pair of leather or leather like Shorts.. And I have finally found them.. Whoo hoo.. ( that's the sound of me jumping for joy).  It's the little things..

Special Moment Number Three..

The Lady Liberty inspired headband..  Little did I know when I put it on in the morning that literally all day people would feel the need to comment..  It just may be my favorite piece right now.

 Special Moment Number Four..

I really feel like Maria Angela of Gypsoteca has totally out done herself with this neck piece..  It is so utterly beautiful.  Red leather and metal..  Everything about it makes me smile..

  Special Moment Number Five..
 Actually not really sure this qualifies..but since we are running with a theme

Super cool in the jewels department is Forever 21.  This cuff and ring are quite delicious and for around 10 bucks for both combined.. HELLO!

And Back to the Original Special Moment of the post..

The Video


Have a Stupendous weekend everyone..

Leather Shorts and Fun Video's.. I "Like"

Taye ;)


  1. Very nice look lovely as always and the dogs are looking healthy ;) When are you doing a post of your closet?

    1. Ahh the Closet Post.. The day it is actually organized :) right now it's organized chaos that only I understand.. Thanks so much for wanting to see it!!

      Have a great one..

  2. I love how you mix and match high end and low end brands effortlessly. I swear you mastered that. P.s the video I livvve the pups look fab


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