Thursday, February 16, 2012

Role Reversal..The Eye candy is now the Eye..Lance Gross Photography

Some of you may notice that Stuff She Likes has yet a new banner...   
I Adore Change..

...and it wouldn't be Stuff She Likes without a Back Story..

So here goes..
A few weeks ago I got a call from my friend Lance.. well it was a text really but who's checking. It went something like this..

"Hey there stranger.. you should let me shoot you.." (paraphrase)

 with some other chatter in between..

You with me so far..?


Now there is a second back story..

This very same conversation in reverse.. or a version of that took place few years back..except I was the one doing the asking..

"Hey there stranger.. you should let me shoot you.." (paraphrase)


Which leads us back to the title of this very post..
Go ahead and scroll back to the title if you need to.

Phew..okay got it now?

On to the point..

Some of you may have seen these pics of Lance Gross floating around the web..
Taken by me when I first started shooting...

Well now it's Lance's turn behind the shutter..

SO ...on a Sunday night.. we got together for a little photog session.  I think the results are pretty magical..

Ahh when the Eye Candy becomes the Eye..

Check out his Tumblr HERE

Making magic with old friends... I "Like"

Taye ;)


  1. Yum is an understament and he shot some great pics.. I swear you a great teacher hehe.

    P.s I forgot to tweet you but the new logo is ammmmmazing. !!!!!


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