Monday, March 26, 2012

a night with Phillip Lim & Refinery 29... a blog continuation..

Last week you guys and gals took a little journey with me to Magnolia Bakery to try some of their up and coming goodies.. and at the end of that sweet post I promised a journey to Phillip celebrate their Spring Summer 2012 accessories collection with Refinery 29 and an eclectic group of L.A.'s most fashionable.. 

And that is exactly what I did..

note: I fully intended on posting this last week..  Better late than never..

and Yay  it's a video diary..

I have to say it was a super fun night..complete with an organic bar filled with tasty drinks made from Pressed Juicery and treats from Fruute (previously blogged here)..super awesome fellow bloggers..a dope DJ and a little fashionista that I just could not get enough of..

I would have to say that this night at Phillip Lim was a super highlight of my week..

Have a great week all..

Phillip Lim + Refinery 29 + L.A's finest... I "Like"

Taye ;)

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