Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oscars "Sweet" Aura Seth

Every once in a while you are introduced to something that normally you would have totally missed.  For me it was rhinestone adorned platform heels and wedges fit for royalty..

More of my Oscar week adventures..  

I was invited to the SLS Hotel to check out the Aruna Seth Oscars suite.  You may be asking yourself the same question that I was when I got the invite.. 

What is an Aruna Seth..? 

Ask no more.. Aruna Seth is a gorgeous shoe line based in London that I am so very gitty that I got to see.

Just have a look and you will know why.

Refreshments anyone...  I have always had a fascination with the large silver urns that nice hotels always have.. They are so shiny and pretty.. and somehow make the coffee taste better I swear..
Anyhow..back to the shoes..
A huge thanks to Aruna Seth and the SLS Hotel for having me out...

Aruna Seth... I "Like"

Taye ;)


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