Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Beauty Post..Best 6.50 you will spend..

This is just a quick beauty post..

Back Story: I have several over sized lip pencils.. and on my last trip to NYC I bought a few of these ..which I absolutely ADORE..

And then I bought one of these.. 

Which does not fit the above pencil at all.. I need you to do better TopShop!!
 Anyhow..after months of digging my pinkie finger into the depths of the liner in feeble attempts to get some of the color on to my lips..I decided to go on a hunt..

A hunt for yet another double sharpener.. 

BTW The TopShop Sharpener does not work with my fat Nars pencils nor my fat Urban Decay pencils..


This hunt took me all over L.A. to several different beauty supplies..make-up counters..I even attempted the 99¢ store with no luck..

I was all sharpened out when a lovely sales girl at Nars.. said "Why don't you try Trish McVoy.."



And that's why the Trish McVoy double pencil sharpener is the best $6.50 you will ever spend..

Well at least it is until I come across the next best $6.50 you will ever spend.. 

Grab it HERE if you like.

Trish McVoy...I "Like"

Taye ;)

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