Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lesson from a Teenager..

So a while back I had an entire post compiled of excerpts from a site called and operated by a 15 year old lady named Tavi Gevinson aka The Style Rookie that I never posted! 

Yes I am not a teenager and yes I came across some teenage stuff..

Here's the thing about it.. At first I had no idea that what I was reading through was created for the 

Underage Variety of Humans.. 

 And the reason I had no idea was because everything she talked about somehow kept relating back to how I feel as an 

 Over Aged Variety of Human 
 90 freaking percent of the time.

So I got to thinking.. 

(yes that occurs every so often here on Stuff She Likes)

The feelings and issues I faced as a teen are not so different from the feelings and issues I face as an adult.. just instead of facing them with or against 15 year old's...I face them with or against "Adults"  (That last quoted word used very loosely).

I think if everyone takes a look at what I just said you will somehow relate..and if you don't,  maybe you are not Human.. Seriously..

Anyhow.. I never posted that compiled post,
maybe out of feeling a bit ridiculous that I was posting the thoughts of a teenage lady..or simply thinking that no one will relate..

Today those thoughts were eradicated.. I came across a video that Tavi did for TED talk at TEDxTeen..

..and I seriously have to share it with you.. I know that I relate to everything she so eloquently says.

Take 7 minutes and have a look...and let me know what you guys think..even if you totally disagree..

 Lessons of all Varieties.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

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