Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mixology 101 + Video Diary = Trouble

Okay.. So I am not really a drinker.  An occasional cocktail at an event is about as crazy as I get.  Ask anyone who knows me I am a one drink Betty.  After one me and anyone in my atmosphere is crossing into dangerous territory.  I won't supply details.. I will just say that my drinking demise occurred on evening a few years back involving a restaurant named Koi, a table top, Hulk Hogan in the booth next to me, a very short skirt, pink lace panties and a very nice security guard.  I vaguely remember something about .. tabletop dancing and the words "Miss..for insurance reasons..."


On to the subject at hand..  Since that very interesting night in my life.. I generally.. and I say generally very generally stick to one two cocktails at a time.

I completely broke my rule at MIXOLOGY 101...  Hey I was learning how to tend bar..I had to test my work!..

Phew that was bit long winded...

Anyhow.. I had the chance to head on over to Mixology.... a super cute new bar at the Grove. We in L.A. have all ventured to the Grove for a movie and a brief visit to the Apple Store.. And I think we can all agree when I say.. There is pretty much nowhere to grab a decent cocktail in that place..until now.

I counted 43 cocktails on the menu.. Kindly broken down into sections as follows..

Pre Dinner
Short & Sublime
Long & Luscious
After Dinner

Joe the awesome head bartender/mixologist was brave enough to let me behind the bar for a little Mixology/Stuff She Likes Video Diary mash up..

Have a look see...

BTW...I was totally tipsy by the second half ;)

I meant what I said.. My hats off to all the Bartenders in the world..

Mixology 101.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

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