Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brilliance in a Box.. Kinara Red Carpet Facial Home

How do I begin to describe 
Brilliance in a Box.. 
 Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit..

I just have to do it.. 

At $145 bucks this little three step kit is not only a steal.. (I have paid up to $175 for peels in a spa)..This kit works. 

But rest assured I am not telling you this from sheer naivete´

I had a chance to finally try the kit for myself last night..
and in 20 minutes I went from slightly dull to brightly illuminated. 

Here's why Peels are so important.. and  allow me to tell it like Olga told me as she was beautifying me.

Scrubs simply scrub.. Masks generally sit and get hard.. Peels eat away the dead skins cells that are causing your break outs, dullness, discoloration etc..

Here is how she compared it.. and it made oh so much sense..

If you had a pretty pan that you baked a lasagna in..  it sits over night and gets caked on hard left over bits..  Would you scrub it til all the bits came off..or would you soak the pan in some water and soap and let the bits loosen and just wipe them away?

Okay she probably explained it a bit better than that.. but you get the point right??.. 

Scrub vs. Peel  Jack your face up vs.  Illuminate it..

On to the steps. 

First step is the Peel...  Brush on one teaspoon.. Leave for 1-3 minutes feel a slight tingle..Second Step... Neutralize the peel. Brush on one teaspoon..feel a bit of a fizz for like 4 seconds.. (kind of like your throat feels when you guzzle a soda).  Let sit for 30-60 seconds. Wipe off... Third step.. Brush on hydrating mask.. Let sit for 15 minutes.. Rinse and you are done.
Now that that is out the way ...Allow me to do a little math..

Kinara Red Carpet facial  VS.  In Spa Peel
The Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit at $145 bucks give you 24 applications.. I checked.. There are 4 ounces of peel in each bottle.. Each application requires a teaspoon of product.  There are 24 teaspoons in 4 ounces.. 145 divided by 24 = 6.04166667

So we are taking $6 bucks a peel vs.  $175

I don't know about you .. But in my book that is a steal!

I highly highly suggest you grab this if you are at all into awesome glowy skin.
Grab it HERE online  

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit.... I "Like"

Taye ;)


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