Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If I were a Boy..

Yesterday I was driving up Robertson Blvd (in the height of 5pm traffic) and I spotted a boy/man  who looked like he had effortlessly been plucked from the pages of..

{insert cool male magazine}.

Anyhow..needless to say .. I was inspired.. and since running home and thrashing through my closet to emulate what he had on for myself seemed a bit rash.. after all I am a girl..I thought it was time for another 

"If I Were A Boy"

I have to say that I am uber inspired with the direction that menswear is going.. It's pretty much an anything goes.   

Pastels..Prints..Bright Colors..Man Bags.. 

I dig all of of it..

..and I know what you're thinking.. The collage is AWESOME Taye.. but how do I implement this in real life?  Well...

Check out my friend and fashion stylist Reinaldo Irizarry's  Blog..

Reinaldo is the poster boy for effortless style.  His weekly posts called "What I Wear" are super cool and inspiring.  Reinaldo is really great at taking basics to another level.  Nothing like a man who looks polished yet casual all at the same time.. If I were a boy I would want to dress like Reinaldo!

Some of my favorite looks from him recently:

Happy Tuesday..

Effortless Boywear..  I "Like"

Taye ;)

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