Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For the Economically Challenged..Current Drugstore Obsessions

Yesterday I was in the shower.. (going through my get clean ritual) okay may be TMI..  when I realized that a "drug store obsession" post was long over due.

Thus.....my current 5 drug store obsessions...

Let the brief explanation ensue.. 

C. Booth Body lotion.. I am one of those humans who likes to be buttered up during the summer months..  The greasier the better..  This lotion is a perfect comb of smell good buttery perfection.
Why is it called 4 in 1..? 1. Alpha hydroxy acids for exfoliation 2. Almond oil for hydration 3. Vitamins for skin health 4. Caffeine to firm and tone. Now there is one thing I do not adore about this lotion. I does have mineral oil.. which I generally stay away from..  but so far so good.. 

Skin Below the Chin..  Honestly at $4.99 this is one of the best body washes that I have had the pleasure of using.. Not soapy..very soothing..and it smells like heaven.  Ingredients like Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lemon extract and Shea Butter..

Nivea Lip Care.. Just a great little lip conditioner.. I keep it next to my bed.. and slather it on right before I go to sleep.

Nivea Creme..  Awesome travel size. I use it as hand creme.. stays in my car.. (reminds me of when I was a kid.. because my grandma Marlene would slather it all over..)

One Shea Butter Lip Balm..  Stays in my make up bag.. super moisturizing and natural.. The coco-coconut scent make you want to eat it.. 

I found link for you guys above...

Happy Tuesday!!!

Drug Store Obsessions..... I "Like"

Taye ;)

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