Monday, July 16, 2012

Hudson - Flaunt - that's a party!

Last Thursday night after tearing my apartment apart thinking that I had lost my new compact camera (found under a couch) (PHEW!).. I kissed my pups ..left them a full bowl of food and jetted out the house to the Hudson Jeans - Flaunt Magazine - Satine Boutique party.. to celebrate... (Take a moment to see invite below)..

Kinda awesome right!!

Anywho.. I had my girly and fellow blogger Grasie Mercedes meet me at the party who in normal Taye fashion ..I had waiting for about twenty minutes for me (sorry girl)  .. I'm not known for my punctuality..

The Scene: All the cool kids in L.A.  

The Jeans: Flippin amazing!!  Can't wait to get my little hands on a pair..

The Parting gift: An awesome Denim covered.. Super Denim issue of Flaunt celebrating ..You guessed it..DENIM!

Ran into some awesome friends! 

 BTW for those curious.. I am LNA  Carmen Cut Out Sweater..and Ainsley Shorts and Just Fab Platform sandals
(all gifted)
Bag Alexander Wang..Necklace Forever 21..Earrings H&M

  The DJ ROCKED the house.. by 10pm it was a full on dance party!
The Food:  Pretty sure these were the best short ribs I have ever had.. I ate about 15 of them.. I think the server started avoiding me at some point!
The Boutique:  Satine... One of the best boutiques in L.A.  and I am not just saying that because I have known Owner Jeanie Lee almost 10 years.. 

  Sometimes you gotta just act silly...
It was one of those epic parties where the energy was amaze.. the music was incredible...the food keep me coming back for more..the drinks were strong and tasty.. the eye candy was CRAZY..and the jeans were off the chain ( yeah I said it!!)

Hudson/Flaunt/Satine... I "Like"

Taye ;)

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