Friday, August 10, 2012

FASHION FRIDAY..Obviously Not Obvious

 Today's Look
Shorts: The Gap
Bag: Alexander Wang
Shoes: Givenchy
Necklace: H&M
Sunnies: Jason Wu
Sometimes you have to go for the choice that is simple yet   obviously not obvious..  You still with me?  I know it's Friday.. I'm right there with ya!

Anyhow like I was saying..  

Silk and Sweats...obviously not obvious

Okay I think that is getting my point across. Although I had to read read that with a side eye about ten times just now.. 

 I'm sticking with it!  

Again just for dexterity (and yes I am probably using that word in the wrong context)... 

obviously not obvious 

I'm definitely sticking with it!

and I know I know.. The two tones of yellow.. it's all the rage.. at least in my brain.. 

I'm sticking with it!
Let's just take a quick moment from the craziness that just ensued above to pay a little homage to the amazingness of this Fifteen Twenty silk Blouse...  SIDE NOTE: "Blouse" a word I do not use often.. slightly reminds me of something someones cookie baking crocheting great grandma would say END SIDE NOTE.  But never the less this is a BLOUSE.. a yummy..bright yellow soft amazeballs BLOUSE!  Done!
The Givenchy's.. Purchased last summer but seem to be getting a lot of traction this summer. It happens!.. Sometimes you have to let stuff simmer.  These little beauts are now fully cooked!

I'm a little unsure in this shot.. not because I am unsure..but because it was 98 degrees when we decided it would be a great idea to shoot this..  It was all I could do to prevent the sweat patches from suddenly gracing us with their presence.

Most others in the collection have seemed to have taken a back seat to the Jason Wu's.  I will attempt to adorn my face with some of the many others I own next week.  No promises though.

10 dollar gold chain necklaces that look like a million bucks.. what else can I say.


Have a stupidly fun weekend complete with giving yourself one day away from your troubles..

 Obviously Not Obvious.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

Photo's Jason Gurvitz

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