Thursday, August 23, 2012

I heart Tortilla Republic + a Video Diary

If you have at all been following me on Instagram (@tayehansberry) you know that I have been frequenting Tortilla Republic for the last few weeks.. and the Video Diary below is where it all began.
Have a look.

Okay.. now that you are back.. Most likely really hungry from the food Porn you just experienced..Lets chat about the place.
The food  is amaze.. I for one had banished most Mexican Food from my world..But my little visit to Tortilla Republic changed all that..  The idea that pretty much everything is made in house from the Lavender syrup for the Lavender Cucumber Margarita to every sauce on every dish that crosses the table is a delicious departure from the standard canned and processed ingredients found in so many Mexican  restaurants. The aforementioned shall remain nameless.

Let's just do a quick breakdown..

Tortilla republic.. 

Same owners as Taste on Melrose 
Open for Lunch
  Open for Dinner
  Happy Hour Everyday 4-7pm
☑  Sunday Funday 3-7pm
  Sunday DJ
  Great drinks 
☑  Amazing food
☑  Awesome prices
  Amazing service
  Fun Atmosphere

And Sunday Funday is all that it has cracked up to be.  But get there early because it fills up fast!

A menu for all with everything from Duck Confit Taco's to Hibiscus Flower Enchilada's to Short Rib Burritos to Shrimp with pumpkin seed sauce..  All amazing..

Seriously..Mexican Never tasted so good!

Tortilla Republic...I "Like"

Taye ;)

Tortilla Republic
616 N. Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, ca

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