Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Leu of OUTFIT TUESDAY...Sweater Style

Sweater Style

Being that I was a bit under the weather yesterday  Okay that's slightly a curve off the truth..the truth is I totally forgot that yesterday was Monday and that today would be Tuesday.  Thus I completely forgot to shoot for OUTFIT TUESDAY!! PHEW..there I got it out.. I feel so much better..

Anyhow .. instead of scrambling and shooting this morning.. I thought I would put together a few Fall/Winter items that we here in L.A. currently still have no use for but are dying to wear..


Those awesome wardrobe items that keep you oh so warm when the weather get's frosty.

I thought I would pair up them up with some bags that are on my wish list and share..because after all..


..and sharing a cozy sweater that you adore is just plain rad..

So there you have it..chunky.. patterned.. colorful and muted are all on my "I really really want" list for fall and winter..

What's on yours?


Sweater Style... I "Like"

Taye ;) 

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