Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Napa Valley Grille

I'm sitting here this morning sipping my almond milk latte and reminiscing about a wonderful little lunch at a killer not so little restaurant that resides in a little area of Los Angeles called Westwood.  And as I sip my latte in hopes of getting a much needed caffeine charge for the day I can't help but to become really really hungry...  Take a scroll down and you will most likely feel the same way..

Let's take a little journey through the  

A week or so ago I had the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with the executive Chef of Napa Valley Grille Taylor Boudreaux and in between the laughs and sips of my champagne cocktail we chatted about everything from Louisiana to  Cajun vs Creole to Brussels sprouts to Old Bay.

note: for those who don't know what Old Bay is.. it's a very creole seasoning pretty much used by any Cajun or Creole person alive.
Black Figs and Prosciutto
 Sweet Corn Agnolotti
Okay back to the lunch.  Chef Taylor started us off on
the perfect foot with drinks and a taster of his Sweet Corn Agnolotti.. Translation: Pureed sweet corn ravioli.  They had me at "Sweet Corn".  Delicious! Smooth! Buttery!  Did I mention DELICIOUS!  I think I may start a petition for this to be a regular menu itemPlease oh please Chef Taylor!!

Then the amazingness just kept pouring in..  Black Figs and Procuitto with Burrata.. Kale salad with chicken.. Crab Cakes.. Steamed Mussels.. Warm Brussels Sprout salad with pancetta and ....

The Larry Burger.  A perfectly seasoned turkey burger added to the menu and named after the  lawyer who requested it.  Larry apparently dines at Napa almost daily.  Larry was actually there while I was..At Napa Valley Grill.. ask and you shall receive.
The Larry Burger
Kale Salad
Warm Brussels Sprout Salad w/ Pancetta
Steamed Mussels
 Now Napa does not stop at lunch. 
They have dinner..  
Two daily Happy Hours Mondays - Saturday:3-7pm & 9pm - midnight. Sundays 3-11pm.
Saturday and Sunday Brunch with  $12 bottomless mimosas. 

As you can imagine after this spread it saddens me to say that dessert was not in my cards.  I practically had to be rolled out of there..  My next trip I plan on starting with dessert.

Thanks so much to Chef Taylor and Napa Valley Grille for an yummy afternoon!

Napa Valley Grill.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

Napa Valley Grille
1100 Glendon Ave
Ste 100

Los Angeles, CA 90024 
(310) 824-3322

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