Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 The Look
Sweater: TopShop
Skirt: Dolce Vita
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang
Sunnies: Jason Wu
Necklace: H&M
Headband: Vintage

Sometimes you wake up and you know clearly what you want to wear to feel exactly how you want to feel..
 That's the beauty of fashion.. you can change it up.. and be whomever you want to be for that day. 

This day thanks to Rhianna and her Diamonds I wanted to Shine Bright.. And
with the add on of one simple accessory I did.  A silver lame wire head band.  What I adore about this piece is that it's moldable and can be worn in so many ways.  This particular one I snagged from Grandma's closet a few years back..  and I wear it about four times a year.

As for the rest. I am coveting shorter heels for this year..  Skinny heels..stacked heels..Square heels.. Round heels...I'm still searching for the perfect stacked bootie that wont set me back $600 bucks.. recession people..  I know there is  a pair out there for under $300.. I just know it!
I wore this ensemble to a private lunch tasting at Nieman Marcus last Friday.. Thus the parking garage setting..  Most of you know that I have been lunching there with Grandma for years and I was super stoked when I was invited for a Stuff She Likes tasting.  Can't wait to post about it..soon.
As I write this post I am a bit sad..  On the Sunday's that I head to the Melrose trading post I  always go visit with George who is the genius behind my Hummingbird Skull Ring..  I knew he had been very sick that last six months.. but was still out there with the help of his son and sister every Sunday.  I wear this ring almost everyday. I have a beautiful connection with it.  It always seems to make me feel safe..  Unfortunately I had not been to the Trading Post for about four weeks and found out this weekend when I went to visit George that he had passed away.  I started crying right there in the middle of the flea market.  He will be very missed!!  ..and I will cherish this hand crafted ring forever because there will never be another quite like it! 


Okay all.. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.. Throw something on that makes you Shine Bright!!

Shine Bright... I "Like"

Taye ;)

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