Thursday, November 15, 2012

K-POP meets Stuff She Likes..

Photo's taken with Samsung Galaxy Note the flash..

Picture this.. two very adult bloggers six rows from the stage surrounded by 18,000 screaming teenage girls simultaneously singing every word of every song as they watched one of the most popular K-Pop bands light up the stage with amazing music and super cool dance moves..  

That was the scene last week when I grabbed my girl Nikia Pheonix from her Saturday evening to attended the Big Bang Alive concert at the Honda Center presented by The Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  

WOW! and WOW!

Now just a little background on Big Bang..

Picture super eclectic style meets the voice of Usher with the dance moves of Justin Bieber and the Charisma of Justin Timberlake all rolled in to one band of 5 super cute talented guys..  Are you getting me?.. 18,000 screaming teenage girls do..

The concert was amazing!  

Nikia and I didn't know a single song yet we found ourselves up on our feet dancing and catching the tune the entire time, (yes I just said catching the tune)..  I even caught myself screaming on occasion when Taeyang the obvious ladies man of the group decided to remove his shirt on more than one occasion.. Dare I say..  

And thanks to the awesome folks at Samsung I was armed with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note ll.  (All photo's in the first set shot with the aforementioned).   And let me tell you this phone/tablet is giving my iPhone a run for its money! My favorite feature is the amazing S Pen. 

Now I rarely do this.. but I had to give you guys a glimpse of what we got to see.. sick style and really cool music..

Who knew K-Pop was doing it like that.?  I sure didn't  ..

BIG BANG can now add me to the list of their millions and millions of fans around the world.. 

Big Bang & K-Pop...I "Like"

Taye ;)


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