Monday, November 19, 2012

Style Protocol

Writing a book ain't easy.. and writing a book on menswear is even harder.. but if there is one person up for the challenge it's my friend Reinaldo Irizarry.  ..and that's just what he did.. 

say hello to Style Protocol..
It's the ultimate Menswear
guide..  a how-to build and create your own individual style and lets face the facts here.. A lot of you GUYS out there are in serious need of a little style guidance.


..I recently hit up the super cute Style Protocol launch party .. Cool people, awesome drinks sponsored by Veev.. small bites and for those who have never figured out how to tie a tie, myself included..  You guessed it..a how-to

 I'm keeping this one for my records..

Style Protocol is the perfect holiday gift for the men in your life who yearn for style..but just need a little nudge..  Snag a copy of Style Protocol HERE

Happy Monday to All!

Style Protocol..  I "Like"

Taye ;)

1 comment:

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