Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter Shopping...

Winter Shopping

I have never really been a person who scurried out on Black Friday to grab everything I can possibly find.. In fact I believe last year was the first year I ventured out of the house on Black Friday to actually look at clothes and I was in utter disappointment.  So this year I decided to sit Black Friday out and head out on what I like to call Happy Saturday.

I know I know.. You are thinking  what exactly is the difference?  Well.. It's Saturday :)   

Anyhow.. all that is to say.. I ventured out on a Saturday and returned with treasures...

That I will now share with you.

I have to tell you .. There was an abundance of amazing deals everywhere I turned.. Coats..Shoes..Sweaters..Bags..  I was like a little girl in that American Girl Place.. (which until I am a mother will probably never understand).  I wanted it all.. I narrowed it down to this..

And I adore them all..

And as we come closer and closer to that awesome holiday called Christmas.. I will be posting some holiday gift guides that you may find useful.. if not just simply amusing ..

In case you missed the links prettier links below..


Have a great Monday!

Happy Saturday... I "Like"

Taye ;)

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