Friday, December 7, 2012

FASHION FRIDAY... Wife Beaters and Faux Fur

Today's Look
Top: Haines
Trousers: Staerk
Shoes: Zara
Jacket: Alice & Olivia
Nails: NCLA
Earrings: Rachel Roy
Cuff: CC Skye
This is my ode to the early nineties..  Cheap wife beater...Madonna Style.. Early Gwen Stefani Style..  and a pair old..brand new pants...

 Allow me to explain...

This is what happens when you have a pair of amazing trousers purchased five years ago .. and  have never worn them.  I'm talking tags and all.. so I decided to google the brand thinking maybe they might have a similar pair.. and low and behold.. they still have the look book online from 2008.. and low and behold again my trousers in white  What are the odds.. 


This is what I adore about fashion.. Being a hoarder has it's perks! 

Now lets talk nail and lip accessories... Violent Lips Temporary lip Tattoo's and NCLA nail confetti

Who knew.. 

I wore this ensemble to the Frankie B + Kitson party last night.. and was introduced to Violent Lip Tattoo's..  ADORE!!  Super cool idea created by a thirteen year old girl who is now sixteen.. Ahh the innovative mind of a teenager..  When I was thirteen I was....  never mind
and NCLA was cool enough to set up awesome nail bars.. Holiday nails for all!!

Shop The Look

 Have a Gnarly Weekend..

Wife Beaters and Faux Fur...  I "Like"

Taye ;)

Photo's: Jason Gurvitz


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