Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift Guide..Beauty Sets are the Best

Gift Guide..Beauty Sets

So this is the first of my Gift Guides..  I seem to take this gift guide thing quite
seriously.. I definitely don't want to guide you ladies and gents to gifts that I don't absolutely lust after myself.. Thus the search ensues for the perfect little gifts..some I already have and some I wish I had..
This post is all about beauty.. I always love when I get beauty gifts.. because most of the time I get turned on to  make up, perfume, lotions etc.. that I may not buy myself.  I have discovered and been loyal through the years to many beauty products that were gifts..

I ADORE everything on this list.. But perhaps my favorite is #5..  Simply because and I quote..
"The sale of each Feed 10 Pouch will provide 10 nutritious school meals through the United Nations World Food Programme—a beautiful way to feed your skin and your soul."
So if you hate everything on this list..get #5 just because...
Okay .. More to come on the Gift Guide front..Promise
Gifts of Beauty.... I "Like"
Taye ;)


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