Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Visit With Chole Trujillo..

Eclectic...Artist...Musician..and daughter of French Fashion royalty.. Chloe Trujillo is melding art and fashion in the most amazing way..

I had a chance to hang out with Chloe and check out her beautiful scarves first hand.   Chloe is a true artist.. Blending images from her large scale oil paintings, graphic design and her own poetry she creates wearable works of art that will pop any outfit.  I am dying for one myself!  

I have to say Chloe is just as magical as her work.. Super sweet.. wonderfully eclectic and of course French!! ....And when I got there we were both rocking faux fur and braids..   how could we not get along!

You can find Chloe Trujillo scarves at Colette Paris and Roseark LA

Chloe Trujillo.... I "Like"

Taye ;)


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