Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OUTFIT TUESDAY...Backless & Braided

 The Look
Tank: Life Clothing (gifted)
Trousers: Mikkat Market
Jacket: Rails (gifted)
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Micheal Antonio (gifted)
Necklace: (old) Barneys New York
Sunnies: Jason Wu
Watch: Ice Watch
Earrings: Forever 21
Summer hath returned.. well at least in L.A. for a few days.. 80 degree weather calls for tanks and braids..  When in doubt wear black!  Okay I am
probably only saying this because I am wearing black..and denim...and sequence... This outfit was a mash up of everything.  A sort of organized chaos if you will and I adore every bit of it.  It's been a long while since my back has seen the light of day.. notice how pale it is?  Okay I'm pretty pale in general right now.  Hopefully this will change soon.  I got my vampire thing going right now.  Nothing wrong with that.. here I go  rambling.. 

Back to the post at hand.

I am a sucker for a Denim jacket.  I own four and we can now add this chic little Rails number to the stash.  It's cute.. it's lined.. its awesome sauce.

Along with my back..these tats also rarely see the light of day.. perfect example why no one under 18 should be allowed to get inked.. I adore them for that reason...I call them products of my youth.  They do have meaning.. but those are secrets I shall keep to myself.
The Summer of Love Tank.. A sweet little company called Life Clothing sent over a couple cuties and I had to throw one on.  I've been receiving so many adorable tee's lately.  Can't wait to get them all up on the blog for you guys to check them out.  This one is the perfect combo if sexy and effortless.
 The bag: Two words.. ZARA...SALE
 The Sunnies: Jason Wu.. Four words. Michelle Obama Inauguration Ball
The Ice Watch.. ADORE... they lend an awesome pop of color to any ensemble..
The heels.. I scored them at the HBO Golden Globes Suite a couple weeks ago. They are Vegan.. and super cute..
Have a fantastical Tuesday!

Organized chaos... I "Like"

Taye ;)


  1. Love it! Wish I had long hair about now!!!

  2. B E A U T I F U L . !

  3. I need to get that tee ASAP and the heels are super cute.

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