Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OUTFIT TUESDAY..The Road to Bel Air

  The Look
Dress: Phillip Lim
Belt: Stella McCartney
Earrings: Forever 21
Cuff: CC Skye (Similar)
If you have been keeping up with me on the instagram twitsphere you know that this last week was been full of Oscar activity..  And this particular day was no different.  I wore this ensemble to the MontBlanc Unicef Pre Oscars Brunch at the Hotel Bel Air.  Such a great event..partnered with a great cause..colliding with good food an tons of celebrities.  This is my second year in a row attending the brunch and it is amazing everytime.  I am in the process of editing the full blog post on all my Oscar activities and will post soon.

Okay back to the outfit.  This get up is one of those true tests of time.  I bought myself this Phillip Lim dress about 4 years ago for for my birthday...proof positive that when you don't buy too trendy.. in the long run you actually save money.  It was on sale and I adore it to this day.  It's personifies sexy, classic and fun all at the same time.

Another high low mix.. 
Phillip Lim dress HIGH...Forever 21 earrings LOW...Stella McCartney Belt HIGH...Prabal Gurung for Target LOW...
and on and on...got it!


 Have a Fantasmic day!

High Low and on and on.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Giving Good Oscar Face....

Although I was largely underwhelmed by the Oscars this year.. there were a few stand out moments.. Michelle Obama delivering the winner of Best Picture..Adele taking the stage in pure perfection.. Halle Berry just taking the stage...

So along with my three best dressed..I thought I would break down some of the best faces on the Oscars Red Carpet...

and with that Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron, Zoe Saldana and Anne Hathaway take the prize.

The trend this year..which I absolutely adore was a clean face.. with a couple pops of classic bright red lips here and there..  Simple lids..a swipe of black gel or cream liner.. very little cheek and matte powdered faces to complete it all.

My Best Dressed
When it came to perfection from head to toe.. these ladies had it in spades.

Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive... 
 Naomi Watts also in Armani Prive...   
Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabielle...

Who were your favorites?  Tweet me... @TayeHansberry

Have a great Monday

Oscar Face... I "Like"

Taye ;) 

Friday, February 22, 2013

FASHION FRIDAY.....Prints on Prints..

 Today's Look
Skirt: Jane (on 3rd Street)
Top: Dolce Vita
Broach: H&M
Blazer: Zara
Bag: MeChar (gifted)
 As Oscars week is in complete and full swing.. I am super honored to have amazing invitations coming my way.  So that coupled with the regularly scheduled "Life of Taye" there has been little time for anything..namely shooting this weeks FASHION FRIDAY.  So Jason G. and I decided to use my appointment at the  Mont Blanc Oscars Suite at the beautiful Beverly Wilshire Hotel as the back drop for this outfit post.  And what better back drop than sparkly diamonds and handsome watches to set off an outfit!
I have been wearing a version of this outfit for a couple days now.  Between callbacks.. a Charity Oscar dinner.. Meetings.. and appointments it was a simple yet eye catching go to that required little thought.

Side note:  I attended the Global Green Pre Oscars dinner Wednesday night..wearing a version of this outfit (swapped out the skirt) and absolutely could not believe the company I was in.  Of all the tables of 10 in the room.. I was seated at the table with.. are you sitting down?.... Emmy Rossum, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr & Martin Freeman (played the Hobbit)..with me sitting next to Emmy Rossum (she is super sweet).  I so wanted to take a picture but did not want to be wildly inappropriate and super fan stalkerish... Thus I have no proof.. BUT IT WAS INCREDIBLE and so inspiring!

Okay now back to the post..

This was technically a mixing of prints that should never have worked.. The skirt is gold and black.. the top is red and navy.. nothing about it follows the "rules of fashion"..and to that I say F**K the rules.  If you put something on and it feels good..and you don't second guess it five times before you walk out the door...go with it..  That's my 2¢

The ALEXANDER WANGS... I can't get enough of them!   Wore them all day and my feet were firmly in tact.. They are a bit of a splurge but.... Grab them HERE.. So worth it and a total must have! 
Being in the Mont Blanc Suite...This post would not be complete with out a shot of the sexiest sporty watch I have seen in a while.. I so adore it!  Mont Blanc.. a different spin and it 's oh so good!
The Skirt:  I snagged this skirt before the holidays with full intention of wearing it then.  That never happened.. and although I got it at Jane on 3rd Street.. I found it HERE for you on line. It's what I like to call Cheap and Cheerful!  It's $40 price tag off set the splurge of the shoes..  High Low Ladies...High Low!

This weeks manicure was not just a creative choice for me.. knowing what the week would be ahead and the possible company I would be in .. I wanted  NEEDED to remind myself to speak my mind and follow my heart.  Which is exactly what I have been doing all week.. And I have to say... it's okay to NEED a reminder.  Mani by Chi at Eden by Eden Sassoon

With these mirrors we could not resist!

Have a Fun Oscars Weekend..

Crazy Prints on Crazy Prints.. .I "Like"

Taye ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barneys NY + Vanity Fair = $2500 Gift Card

Quick fun post..

Yesterday after a long day of blogging, auditions and meetings I decided to make a quick stop at Barneys NY in Beverly Hills and while I was there I snapped a couple photos in their Vanity Fair "Your Hollywood Moment" Oscars Photo Booth..

Grab a collectors edition Vanity Fair Magazine.. Take a few snaps and tweet @BarneysNY hashtag #VF13BNY to win a $2500 gift card to shop.

Super fun..

I entered..Fingers Crossed!

The contest ends tomorrow Friday the 22nd..so if you have a moment run over to Barneys NY Beverly Hills..

Barneys NY & Vanity Fair.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GIVEAWAY!!!! Wet n Wild ..The Fergie Collection

Amanda @BrickandMirror  
Ashley Cabell @PrettyBitches

Congrats ladies!!!

Wet n Wild ..The Fergie Collection

A couple weeks ago I was invited by the awesome folks over at Wet n Wild make up to the launch of their Fergie Center Stage Collection.  Tis the season of collaborations and tis the season of amazing collaborations .. ie Prabal Gurung for Target.. The up coming mash up of Joe Fresh with JC Penny..etc etc..  When a design/celeb collaboration is done right you can't help but to want to get in on the fun.

And let me be the one to tell you that Little Miss Fergie and Wet n Wild hit this one straight of the the ball park into another field.

The colors...The quality..The versatility.. The packaging...The wearablility..and all for $5.99 and under is what blows my mind!

Now although I dig the entire collection below is a list of my absolute must haves.. (it coincides with the collage above)

1. Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow in  Metropolitan nights, Desert Festival and Maldives Sky.  Each palette is perfect for spring..and very pigmented for easy wear.

2.Fergie Perfect Pout Lip color in A039 Fuchsianista, A041 Ferguson Crest Cabernet,A036 Penthouse Sweet, A034 Bebot Love, A038 Saraghina, A037 Old School Glam.  These lip colors are super creamy and stain your lips for all day wear.

3.Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow, Rose Golden Goddess.. Perfect shimmer.. not glitter.. pretty and subtle.. but  build-able if you wish..Prefect for a glow all year round.

4.Fergie Nail Color Collection in  A009 Hollywood Walk of Fame,  A007 Miami Spirit , A016 Fergalicious, A003 Gold Album ,A002 Going Platinum 

5. Fergie on the Edge Creme Liner. in Little Black Dress and Cocoa Riché..  If you have ever wanted a Gel cream liner this is the one.. comes with a perfect application brush..and stays put. I have not missed yet.
Getting my make up done at the launch..They had me at lipstick!

Okay now now on to the best part..


I got sent home from the Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Launch with a bag of the entire line.  And Wet n Wild and I decided that two Stuff She Likes readers should share in my joy.

So we are giving away two gift bags just like the one I got.. See photo below.  The entire collection for you to play with at home..AMAZEBALLS!!

Here's what you have to do

Leave a Comment on this post below ☟..
Follow and Tweet me HERE
Like Wet n Wild on Facebook HERE

To enter twice follow Me on Instagram HERE and leave a comment on the Wet n Wild photo I post on Instagram from today's blog post
Pretty painless for an awesome prize!!!

You have a week to enter.. Contest ends on Wednesday February 27th and the winners will be announced Thursday February 28th..  

Yay and Good Luck!

P.S.  I don't do giveaways often so you know when I do..It's gonna be good ;)

Wet n Wild the Fergie Collection.. I "Like"

Taye ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting High & Getting Low

 The Look
Coat: Stella McCartney (circa 2008)
Top: H&M (similar)
Skirt: Forever 21(similar)
Suspenders: American Apparel (similar)
Broach: Vintage Chanel
Bag: Zara
Lips: Mac Diva (gifted)
Nails: Wrap Artist Nails (gifted)
As random as this story is going to sound I am going to tell it anyway..  Recently I found a photo of me as a wee child.. and while finding that photo I was eating a piece of bread and butter..  that promptly trigger memories of me, my mom and our weekly trips to TGI Fridays when I was a kid.  Now I have not been to a TGI Fridays in.. Well lets just say its been a really really long time..so I have no idea what the uniforms look like now.. but when I was a kid they were freaking awesome.. skirts with suspenders..button ups and as many buttons and pins as the server could tack on.. I LOVED IT!  Thus my inspo.. cleaned up a bit of course for today's OUTFIT TUESDAY.

.. With a little Stella McCartney Winter/ Autumn 2008 and a little Prabal Gurung for target 2013 thrown in the mix...

I just ADORE a good HIGH..LOW outfit..

This one mixes pretty much the highest of the high and the lowest of the low..all equally delicious!

These Prabal Gurung for Target pumps are insane.. HERE is a link directly to them.. at 39.99 they are a steal!  Run don't walk.. I can't believe they are still available!


Have a Happy Tuesday!

Getting High and Getting Low... I "Like"

Taye ;)

Friday, February 15, 2013

FASHION FRIDAY...Young and Sexy Forever..

 Today's Look
Jeans: Bleulab (gifted)
Shoes: TopShop
Jacket: Zara
Tee: TopShop
Blue Bracelet: Ippolita (gifted)
Watch: Ice Brand
Bag: Lancaster Paris (gifted)
Necklace: H&M
Sunnies: Jason Wu  Via Ditto.com(gifted)
Let's chat about LOVE DAY...  Valentines Day Ruled..  I spent the day lunching at Nieman Marcus with family and a friend.. had a great casting..shot this post...discovered a new super cute store on Melrose... ended the night with two amazing gifts (Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang) and the Dita Von Teese Burlesque show at the House of Blues.  And to top it all off I received so many beautiful Valentines Day Messages!  Could not have been a more perfect day!
As you all may know I was one of the first to see the New TopShop/TopMan L.A. at the grove and was also invited back for a day of shopping the day before the store opened to the public.  Yay.. I bought three awesome pieces .. I couldn't help but to wear two of them right out the gate.  The minute I saw these studded stacked heeled mules I had to have them.. Super comfy.. and undeniably cute..
This TopShop basic tee is perfect in every way.  Soft.. just the right amount of hang.. heather grey and perfectly rolled at the sleeves...
On to the lips.. A few weeks ago I attended the launch of the Wet n Wild Fergie collection.. and went home with a couple of bags full of goodies.. and I am slowly but surely getting around to trying out all the stuff... and at the top of my list so far.. The lipstick.. AMAZING..smooth..rich and all day lasting color.

Here I am wearing a mix of Old School Glam and Saraghina..

Stay tuned..next week I will be having an awesome giveaway with Wet n Wild.. you don't want to miss!

Young and Sexy forever.. It's a state of mind.  Such a sweet Valentine from my friend Amber... I had to share.. 
 The reverse side of these Bleulabs.. Animal print!
I have to send a quick thank you to the PR ladies of Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills for sending everyone at my lunch yesterday one of these beautiful Ippolita Bracelets.. Such a lovely surprise.


Happy Weekend...

Young and Sexy Forever.. I "Like"

Taye ;)
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