Monday, April 8, 2013

Outfit Inspo.. Sweats and such..

Outfit Inspo.. Sweats and such..

I often think about how the words Monday and Mundane are to darn close in sound.  How could anyone adore Monday when it sounds so much like mundane..  At least according to the laws of attraction..

Thus I think it only fitting to add a little not so mundane inspiration to this Monday..

I give you Monday morning outfit inspo..  

Today we shall gather around a good old pair of sweats.. Super stylish ones of course..(yes I know the sweats are the smallest item on the page..but just bare with me)

These Particular pair hail from 

Take a great pair of sweats and pull them from day to night with a swipe of liquid liner.. a sky high heel and a chic clutch.. (as seen above in my carefully crated collage)

So here is the idea..  Pair your sweats with some not so obvious choices..  ie.. heels..oxfords...a nice cotton button up..

Okay let me put it simply.. 

Sweats + sneakers = The Gym
     Sweats + oxfords = Chic daytime 
 Sweats + Heels = Sexy night 

BTW  a good floral blazer can take one's self esteem so far..just sayin!

Shop the sweats the rest below..


...and have a not so mundane Monday!

I "Like"

Taye ;)

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