Monday, April 29, 2013

Paris Photo L.A. ...Pictures in Pictures..

It must have been in my cards.   Over the last week I was asked if I was going to Paris Photo twice, but its not the fact that I was asked,  it's who I was asked by.  Lets
start with the first occurrence.. I received a text from Michelle Joan Papillion, owner of the Papillion Institute of Art asking if I was going to Paris Photo and if I wanted to head to opening night with her.   Unfortunately I couldn't.  Prior plans ensued.  That was a Wednesday.  Cut to Friday.  I was having lunch with my grandmother at Il Pastaio.. one of my favorite spots in Beverly Hills when actor and brilliant photographer Scott Caan, who was seated at the next table over, which at Il Pastaio is about a half an inch away, asked (after a brief conversation) if I was going to Paris Photo.

Now to be honest I was going to skip Paris Photo.  My thoughts were if it's anything like Photo LA which was underwhelming at best why spend a perfectly good afternoon...

But when two people in the arts.. artists themselves asked if I was going, I took it as a sign.. "GET YOUR ASS TO PARIS PHOTO LA TAYE".  My signs sometimes come in the form of shouting matches with myself.

Anyhow all that said.. I called up Nikia Phoenix.. we grabbed smoothies from Larchmont Juicery and headed on over to what would be one of the best afternoons this year to date.

Set on the back lot of Paramount Studios Paris Photo LA was a brilliant mix of beautiful, thought provoking photography,  film, book stores, pop up galleries, food trucks and a bar built right in the middle of it all.

But instead of chatting you up more about it .. I will let the work speak for itself..
Oh yeah.. and we got snapped by a couple street photogs along the way.. This one with an amazing vintage Polaroid camera..

All Photo's in this post taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

I hope this work brings you as much inspiration as it brought me.

Happy Monday

Paris Photo LA... I "Like"

Taye ;)

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