Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outfit Tuesday..Leaping About in Pretty light

The Look
Jacket: H&M
Overalls: TopShop
Shoes: Givenchy
Necklace: Alexander McQueen
Bag: Christopher Kon (gifted)
I sit here with about 10 minutes to spare before I leave for the Airport.  I am Speaking on a panel at Standford University this afternoon.. Super excited!!  Anyhow.  Shot this a
couple weeks back on my way to Alfred Coffee for a meeting.  The light was so beautiful on Melrose Place that we just had to bust out the camera.  The impromptu photo shoot ensued..  Never mind the audience that was watching me as I leaped about the streets like a 10 year old.. Sometimes you gotta just let it all go.

A mixture of old and new.. this jacket from a few years back.. it's always been amongst my favorites.. although I forget I own it most of the time.  H&M the conscious collection.. One of their first I believe.  I adore H&M for even thinking that up. 
Anyhow.. Gotta roll.  if you are near Stanford University today come see the panel on turning your passion into a paycheck..  Super honored that hey asked me to speak..

Pretty Light .. I "Like"

Taye ;)


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