Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stussy + Plan Check Kitchen.. Where Fashion and Food Meet..

Only two days left to check out the Stussy + Plan Check Kitchen & Bar menu mash up. 

Last week I grabbed Devin and Jae and headed over to a private
party over at Plan Check to to try out there menu collaboration with the iconic brand Stussy.  It was an endless delivery of Garlic Parmesan dusted truffle fries,  Wagyu beef bacon burgers,  Spicy Portobello burgers dripping with cheddar cheese,  Wasabi snow peas (eaten like edamame),  pints of beer,  fruity cocktails and doughnuts a la mode complete with lucky charm inspired marshmallow bits.   Kinda like when you get a bottomless mimosa..  Except replace mimosa with really good food!  Are you hungry yet?

The place was packed with Fashionista's, Skaters, photographers and the general cool creative types of the Westside.   I even ran into Blogger Sincerely Jules... who some say is my long lost twin.. and pretty much confirmed here.  It's the cheeks!
 ...And then Devin and I proceed to play photo booth!
 Okay back to the food..
 To make a reservation menu click below  

 Remember it ends Friday May 18th. 
It was a great night.. Big ole thanks to Plan Check Kitchen & Bar  and Stussy for having me out.

Plan Check + Stussy...  I "Like"

Taye ;)


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