Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beauty.. Gettin Nailed with Olive & June..

If you have been following my insatgram lately then you are probably just as obsessed with the delicious little nail shop that just graced the neighborhood of Beverly Hill with it's presence.  Looking more like a super cool shop that would
be in Silverlake or on West 3rd Street,  Olive & June is a beautiful bright peachy pink breath of fresh air smack dab in the middle of Canon Drive.   

Upon arrival you are instantly greeted by super cute owner  Sarah Gibson Tuttle with a big smile and a quick questionnaire in hand to find out just what you like and how you like it.. even down to the way you want your cuticles handled.  Cut or pushed back?   Hallelujah!!  I am a push the cuticles back kind of girl myself!  

Designed by the ladies of Tenoversix, once you settle into Olive & June.. you are instructed to hook your keys in the cubby besides your seat and given a menu to order a Smoothie or Juice from Porta Via next door.. and no need to worry about reaching for your wallet mid mani.. your juice is simply added to your bill.

..and speaking of bills,  you wont get any Beverly Hill prices at Olive and June.  Manicures range from $18 to $35 bucks.  Pedicures range from $26 to $45 bucks and a Gel Mani is only $35.  If you opt for combo it's $48 bucks.  AWESOMESACE!  Did I mention the wall of polish staked with Nars, RGB, Butter London, Essie and more... 

..and just for Stuff She likes readers.. Olive & June decided that your first drink is on them.  Just show this upon arrival.. and enjoy!

Oh yeah.. an did I mention Sarah named Olive & June after her two grandmothers..  So cute..

Olive & June....

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430 N.  Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, Ca 90210


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