Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OUTFIT TUESDAY.. in color..

 The Look
Top: Harlyn Label (gifted)
Jeans: Anine Bing
Shoes: Ted Baker
Labtop Case: Della (gifted)
Bag: MeChar (gifted)
Necklace: Loft (gifted)
Sun Glasses: RayBan

Before I start this post I have to say one two things.. 

1. I'm going in for round two of hair color today.. Yay!

2. I was invited to a taping of the Arsenio Hall Show..OMG!!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED.. WHOO WHOO WHOO!!  I am so going to fist pump!

Okay now that that that is out of my system..Lets chat clothing..

I wore this number to a casting yesterday.  I am usually able to go to a casting and then let it out of my head fairly quickly, but this casting was super special and I really want to book it.  So fingers crossed... really really tight!  


I generally try to wear color to castings.  It just looks better on camera.  I also keep it fairly simple.  Very few accessories.  The last thing you want is your arm candy banging around on your wrist while you are trying to talk.  No Bueno.  

I can't believe this is the first time I am wearing these Anine Bing jeans in an outfit post because I have been living in them all summer.. Super comfy! 
Last week was filled with appointments, showings, castings, and events.  I adore busy weeks especially when I am introduced and fall in love with brands that were previously not on my radar.  This Loft necklace is am example of that.  I had a meet and great with the ladies at Loft in Century City last week to check out thier new amazing trousers and wanted to take the whole store home!  Stay tuned for some great fall posts coming up with them. 

Let's chat about this super cute Della laptop case.  I absolutely fell in love with this brand, not only because thier stuff is super cool but because what they stand for.  This direct quote from thier website says it all. 

"Every dollar earned at Della goes toward providing employment, education and financial stability for women and men in Ghana. Our employees receive a steady, fair income and are empowered through education via micro-financing, savings and entrepreneurship classes."

Get it.. The people earn a living crafting these proctucts to move towards a better life.  
 AMAZING!  I support this company 100 percent..  

Shop this case HERE
And now.. 

All righty.. have a Happy Tuesday!

Fashion for a cause.. 

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